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🎉Free Bundle Giveaway !!🎉

✨🌸UPDATE🌸✨ The response has been so wonderfully overwhelming that what started of as 5 full bags has now turned into 15 !! There’s no end date in sight ! Like this post if you would like to be included and I will always be checking for who to gift one to next.💗 Thank you so much for everyone that has participated so far and especially to those amazing individuals that have kept it going ! Sending everyone my love and feel free to message me if you have any questions.💕 ____________________________________________ Hi friends! 🐥💖 ✨I wanted to do something fun and creative for our community!✨ I put together a bundle of items in a reusable bag and the idea is that you look through it to see if there’s anything inside that you could use and then the rest you leave for the next person (ideally also adding some items of yours that you don’t have a use for so that it stays full.) Take as much or as little as you want! I only ask that you don’t remove items with the intent to flip them for profit as it defeats the purpose a little bit. I’ve added some paper inside so that you could add your name/ a message/ a quote/ etc. for the next person! Just for fun to see how far it’s travelled. 😄 Just a few requests: Please no : 1.alcohol/ edibles/ other illegal substances , just in case the next person that receives it is underage🥂 2.Food that will expire quickly or spill🍒 Lastly I ask that you don’t take the original bag it’s in (Big Carrot reusable bag with lining) as it’s just a sturdy and convenient bag to keep this going ! Most importantly this is meant to be fun!! Each bag contains 25+ items !! The photos in this post are things that you might find, along with many more not pictured 💖To participate just like this post and I’ll choose some people at random - so far there are 5 bags !! 💖 I’ll put your name in twice if you comment a memory of a trade that you really enjoyed.😊 🎉First pickup is at Broadview station. 🎉