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Every day, thousands of people meet on Bunz to trade for everything from clothing and furniture to houseplants and art.

About Us

In 2013 Bunz was founded on a vision to build stronger, more sustainable communities. Word spread through shops, house parties and bars — and with it — the spirit of Bunz was born.

Today, Bunz is a trusted community where thousands of people meet every day to trade everything from clothing and furniture to houseplants and haircuts.

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BTZ are a digital currency you can send to anyone on Bunz and spend at hundreds of our favourite local businesses. Earn BTZ through trades and by posting items or answering a daily survey.
Over 200 local businesses accept BTZ.
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Shop Local
On Bunz, we support local businesses. Shop Local encourages business owners to join the Bunz community by accepting BTZ for their products and services. Learn more or apply to become a Shop Local business here.
"30% of our sales now happen with BTZ!"
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The Team

At Bunz we believe in the power of a platform to turn a voice into a movement. Our team is made up of passionate and creative individuals who challenge each other daily in an effort to make Bunz the best platform in the world for building community through trading.

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Bunz is active in Canadian cities including Toronto, Vancouver, Ottawa and Montreal, with new communities starting to grow around the world.

If you find yourself breaking new ground where you live, try posting a few items. You can also follow Bunz on Instagram or send a message to — we’d love to say hi!

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Trade and shop local with people in your city. Find things you love like clothing, furniture, art and more.