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Notice to our Bunz Community re: Precautions during COVID-19 🧫

We realize that during this pandemic people still need to transact, either in stores, online, or peer-to-peer. As the main method of transacting on Bunz involves peer-to-peer meetups, we would like to encourage everyone to embrace all preventative measures listed by your local health authority to help ensure the health and safety of our community, and all members of the public. In addition to local health recommendations, we’re providing a few steps that we believe can be effective preventative measures to not contracting COVID-19 while engaging in a Bunz trade. If you are planning to meet up with another Bun, please consider the below steps: -wash your hands before you leave your house -wave instead of shaking hands -try to keep a 2m distance between yourself and the Bun you’re trading with (coughing radius) -bring your own bag, and have the Bun place the item into the bag for you to transport the item home -wash your hands upon returning home -wash the item you just traded for, when applicable -clean your mobile devices, all the hand-washing in the world won’t do us any good if we don’t clean our devices as well For personal safety, Bunz has always encouraged public areas as a suitable location for trading meetups. Many Buns make effective use of subway stations and other heavily populated central areas both for convenience, and safety. We would discourage you from currently using any heavily populated central areas -- but still continue meeting in suitably safe, public locations. No matter where you meet up, make sure you wash your hands before and after, keep a good distance between you and others, and consider carrying and using hand sanitizer while attending any public area to complete your trades. If you would prefer not to meet up right now, but would like to continue to trade, consider porch pickups where available and where established trust permits, or try to arrange a mutually agreeable drop-off/pick-up point for your items. DO NOT forget to disinfect any item you receive in a trade, where applicable. If you are pausing trading for the time being, or wish to communicate any restrictions on how you normally trade (say only doing neighbourhood trades instead of downtown public area trades) then consider updating your Bunz profile bio so other Buns understand your situation. Do your best to avoid misinformation where possible. Stick to trusted sources and your local Public Health units to stay informed. We wish you all healthy and safe trades! -Bunz (Image credit: Christin Hume via Unsplash)