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EyeToy is a small digital camera that sits on top of your TV and plugs into your PlayStation 2. The motion sensitive camera films you as you stand in front of your TV, putting your image on screen in the middle of the action. Then you use your arms, legs, head, bottom… in fact any part of your body to play the games.

EyeToy is an entirely unique party gaming experience for people of all ages. Incorporating a unique USB camera that utilizes motion-tracking technology, gamers instantly become the main character in their own game as interactive entertainment is taken to a new level. It is simple, yet captivating, and the consumer friendly gameplay makes EyeToy the ultimate "party game" where children, teenagers, young adults, parents, and even grandparents can join in the fun.

Simply by plugging the EyeToy USB Camera into the USB port on the front of the PlayStation 2, the image of the player is projected on-screen, making them the star of the game. The player must use his/her hands, feet, knees and more to play and win the 12 exciting mini-games included on the EyeToy play disc. Each mini-game requires the player to use his/her body in unique ways, from quick jabs to beat back ninjas in Kung Foo, rhythmical feet tapping in Beat Freak, and even high-knees in Soccer Craze. With EyeToy’s instantly accessible gameplay, the opportunity exists to appeal to a broad range of consumers, regardless of age or gaming frequency.

Additionally, the EyeToy can also be used for video messaging. Users can record up to 60 seconds of personal video messages onto a Memory Card (8MB) for friends and family to review and enjoy. Various backgrounds are available, allowing each message to be specially made for the occasion. A visual indicator will alert others of a saved message.

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Lightly used and fully functional, but does not include the original packaging or tags.

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