💥 Home Depot, Canadian Tire Gift Cards 💥 Men's Bracelets, Necklaces, Analog Watches 💥 Workout Weights 💥 Toolchest With Wheels 💥 White Runners Size 9.5-10 💥 HD Home Theater Projector 💥 DECOR - Retro / Vintage Signs, Toys, Garage, Bar, Music Related Items For Display Purposes (they don't need to be operational ) 💥 TREATS - Licorice, prefer Twizzlers, Chips, Sodas No Chocolates 💥 Weed & CBD Gummies 💥 I also have an old TIGGER tattoo 5" x 2.5" on my chest that needs brightening / recoloring ( by a pro only) 💥If You See An Item Is Still On My Liked List I'm Still Looking For Something Similar To It, So Show Me What You Got 💥

Meeting spots

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