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*** EDIT Please do not feel like you missed your opportunity to participate if you missed the rally today! There is so much more that you can do! If you haven't heard of them already, Extinction Rebellion, the host of today's rally, is a seriously badass group of non-violent, creative, emotionally-intelligent activists that have made climate action more accessible to those who don't feel like natural organizers (or are worn down from traditional, emotionally-draining activist work!) They have captured the attention of press internationally and have a chapter in Toronto. Give them a Google! *** Our lush, tropical ecosystem, the lungs of our earth and the indigenous communities that thrive within it are burning. WE NEED TO ORGANIZE! WE NEED TO ACT! Please join us to fight for the Amazon! It needs more than prayers! It needs voices, drums, passion and dedication from people all over the world fighting for its survival. TODAY, 11 am, at Brazilian embassies around the world, people are joining in solidarity and WE NEED YOU! The Brazilian embassy in Toronto is located at 77 Bloor St. West. If you can be there at 11 and stay, please do. If you can step out from work, even for a moment to join, please do. If you can’t come, but can consider lessening your consumption of animal products, please do. The land being burning will be used for cattle farming and any effort to lessen the demand is crucial. If you can support indigenous efforts specifically, this is crucial. The impact on their livelihoods as their sacred lands burn cannot be underestimated. The Coordinating Body for the Indigenous Organizations of the Amazon Basin (COICA) is a good place to start. If you can donate to the Amazon Watch, please do. We need every effort, everywhere. This is about quite literally securing the future of all life on Earth. Second image written by @francineprevost

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