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September bookings!

edit: added some new flash for you! More PWYC tats for September! Specifically Sept. 1-15th for now :> Please read through to the end for a concern I had from my previous posts! Alternative contact: IG @let.me.stab.you Please have a look at my other post(s) for more details on my styles, rules, and why I'm doing this, but in summary: I'm a pwyc artist that specializes in working with marginalized clientelle, especially in the cases of scar cover-ups and principles of body acceptance and ownership. I'll also cover up your problematic tattoos, whether it's from an artist that has been problematic, or if you're sporting some symbolism that isn't reflective of your current or future self. I'll be in even more studios and spaces around Toronto in September to better serve you, but please be conscious of your bookings! This is not an opportunity to exploit someone for free labour, but it can be free labour for a good reason! I will not be applying designs with cultural or religious ties unless you identify with or are part of said cultures and religions. I will not tattoo hate symbols. I will not compete with an apprentice for lower costs and I will absolutely not use the art of current artists without their permission. All of my custom work is original, even down to the photographs that I use as references, unless it's a reference from pop culture or from iconic, historically known art pieces. I will not tattoo you if you're under the age of 18. You can book me before you turn 18, but your session must happen once you've turned 18. All healthboard and BodySafe regulations will be followed for this service. I have an academic and professional background in physiology and healthcare and will be extra diligent in the care of my work. Your deposits, in whichever form they take, will only be optional if your proposed payment value is below $50. Otherwise, I will require a deposit. This won't be a concern for anyone that plans on committing to their booking, as the deposit gets included in the final cost. I'll refund any deposits as deemed appropriate. Please read below for my concerns with bookings from my last posts! My concern: So my last posts earned me a completely booked August, not including my previous bookings outside of bunz, but so far, more than half of you have cancelled at the very last moment or just no-showed me/the shop. A lot of these bookings were free or almost free for you as you requested, meaning I paid each respective shop out of my own pocket (for any pwyc piece that doesn't meet the shop minimum, which I'm not opposed to, the minimum needs to be met regardless of how much I make), on top of not earning anything from any clients that could have filled that spot because not many people can show up on such short-notice. My last 2 weeks of work have been at a loss, and I know I signed up for this by sharing my pwyc services here, that's not what I'm on about and I don't mean to sound bothered about it, but a lot of people couldn't get bookings because you had spots they wanted, and I think it's unfair to them that you've taken this service for granted while I'm also paying for your lack of commitment. Some of them are actually marginalized, low-income, scarred, etc. individuals and could have benefited from this, so I'd really like to go back to prioritizing those that can commit to their bookings and have a genuine want for this service. Of course I understand emergencies and sudden circumstances! I'll even refund your deposits on the day of your booking for any valid, unavoidable reason! But I don't think it's acceptable to not have a baby sitter when you've booked a session 2-3 weeks in advance, or to not have checked the transit route to your pwyc/free tattoo and decide that 30 minutes is too far for you (mind you, I travel 35 minutes to 2 of 4 shops, only to find out that you won't be there). I just don't like turning people away from their preferred dates only for the booked person to not show up. fun fact: 10/12 of these no-shows have been non-marginalized people


Almost all booked up, but here's a chance to get some smaller pwyc pieces!

Hi! The responses to my previous post were absolutely staggering; I got booked up all the way into September within just 3 days!! 33 bookings went though in only 48 hours! Thank you so very much, bunzers 😊 (I won't cover any more of that in this post; my other posts are still active!) I still want to offer what I can, and one way we can help each other out is if you attend this convention/showcase I'll be part of on Aug. 15th! My personal ticket link, which not only gets you in for all 3 nights but also acts as your deposit for a piece, allows you to get a lower cost ticket and also directly helps in allowing me to continue providing pwyc/sliding scale/charity tattoos! http://rawartists.org/callmek It's a great chance to get some small, even micro tattoos if that's your thing (like the ones I've shared in this post, half of which are from bunz bookings!) for a very minimal cost/trade value, especially if you couldn't get a booking in for this month! I normally book full length sessions regardless of how much time it'll take me to finish the piece, because I don't believe that you should have to pay a hefty minimum charge just to get 20 minutes of tattooing in, and I generally don't want to have you in and just push you out of a shop for the next person, but sometimes it's more worth your time to just get the work done! Since I'll be set-up for a high flow of clients in and out, with helpers on hand to get us through the night, this is a great opportunity to get some quick and easy pieces done. While you're there, you can enjoy tons of other original art, performances, and a variety of independent, local vendors showcasing their talents. I'll have tons of flash available, from animals and flowers to pop culture icons, or you can bring your ideas with you! We can also come up with something quick, and once you're all signed in, you can have a go around the rest of the show while you wait! BTZ and some trades are welcome too! Send me a message and we'll sort something out 😊 Anyway, I hope this goes well! I really enjoy meeting and working with people in the bunz community, especially since bunz has been so instrumental in helping me get my career(s) back together.

Thank you, Bunz

Edit: week one of August is done and although I did some amazing pieces (some added to this post), half no-showed or cancelled within minutes before their bookings... Please be considerate, especially given that I'm covering the shop costs (30-50% of my income, just breaking even with only half of my bookings coming), supply costs (I only use premium, vegan, environmentally friendly equipment), and that it's basically impossible to get someone to fill your slot on such short notice. There are others that could be committing to these bookings, so please keep that in mind! At the beginning of this year, I posted here offering pwyc tattoos to help get my things together after losing my home, studio, a few jobs, and more because of an unfortunate event out of my control. One thing immediately led to another, and suddenly I didn't have much. The response from bunz was nothing short of amazing; I wasn't just traded food, btz, and other necessities, but people here outright just offered me things. Someone even offered me a place to live for a month. I was floored, and still am. I almost exclusively used btz for cafés and restaurants for months. I had sandwiches, fresh fruits, drinks, snacks, and some lovely company quite often. As of this week, I'm now living in an apartment in the neighbourhood I call home (Kensington market), albeit temporarily since its a sublet, and after not tattooing much for months, I wouldn't have been able to get back into it without bunz. I'm grateful and appreciative and I'd like to show that. I'm not only going to have a giveaway like I mentioned before. I'm going to extend my pwyc tattooing to everyone here, which I'll always do for marginalized people anyway, including no minimum charge. That absolutely means you can even get a tat for free from me, with no shame about your financial circumstances. Let's say, until September? About my tattooing: I don't really stick to a style, I enjoy adapting and I've practiced a huge variety of artforms to help with this. I have a penchant for biophilic design, but I'll be just as comfortable with geometry, surrealism, reproductions of historical art, realism, illustrative, minimalism/linework, pointilism, and most of whatever else you can think of. Here are some guidelines and my availability: You must be at least 18 years of age as of the day of your booking. Under extenuating or special circumstances, I may accept guardian consent, liability, and signature (for instance: scar or problematic tattoo cover-ups). I'm open to working on any size and location on the body, but if I get even a fraction of the interest I had from my last post, it would make more sense to go with smaller pieces or anything that would take an hour or less (for reference, I work quickly; anything like the second photo is fair game for sure). I'm open to any use of black, white, and colour. About 70% of my work is just in black ink, but I've noticed an increase in colour requests for summery designs (and from the popularity of colour thanks to premium inks that definitely work and last better than older formulae). I'll tattoo on any skin type and tone. I specialize in scar cover-ups and working with marginalized people, and that of course includes PoC. As an enby, scarred PoC, I'll always prioritize marginalized clients. I'll be splitting my work between Kensington market, The Village, The Junction, and Parkdale. That should give you some options for accessibility! Speaking of accessibility: My private space in Kensington is not very accessible, being up 3 flights of stairs. The other 3 studios are on the ground level. I also offer housecalls, as always. I've travelled across Ontario with a bunch of housecalls lined up, but for Toronto I'm generally able to come to you without other bookings nearby. My availability: Aug. 1-14: All booked! Aug. 15th: convention! available for any small pieces! Aug. 20th onward: very few spots available! For any dates not listed, just ask and we'll sort something out! How to book: message me here or on IG @let.me.stab.you Thank you 💕 - K


PWYC Tattoos!

Please read the whole post if possible! Edit 3: My situation improved a lot during the first month! I did 30+ pieces from here! But then my machine was damaged and a client threatened me into giving a refund... So that was an unfortunate cost and a bit of a setback... So, I'm still here, but I've updated the photos! Edit 2: Many of you have asked about my circumstances, and so many have offered direct aid regardless of my tattooing services, and I am so very thankful for that. I will be doing a few tattoo giveaways as soon as possible, and I'll pay it forward in every way that I can. I am truly, genuinely grateful for all of you. Hi! I'm a certified Toronto-based artist that has primarily worked as a guest tattooist while doing house-calls and various location bookings. I posted my tattoo services on bunz before and the response was so good; many of the tattoos I've included as examples have been for bunzers :) In addition to being a certified tattooist, I'm a multi-faceted professional with a degree in physiology and medical experience, with candidacy for another degree in healthcare (forced to take a leave of absence because of my situation, though). I'm also an interdisciplinary artist, having experience in technical, fine, abstract, minimalist, and more art styles. I should be able to fit your needs! I'm notoriously light handed yet still quick and always minimize pain without the usual increase in time taken. Wherever I am, I try my best to provide a safe and relaxing environment, so that comes first. Many clients have come to me for their first tattoos, and just as many to add to their growing collections. Some of you have come back for your 10th or more tattoos done by me, and that's the type of relationship I'd like to build with any new clients :) Stylistically, I don't have a preference, coming from a zoological, technical, and illustrative background, with years of experience in modern design to tackle minimalism, geometric work, and more. Just send me your ideas and I'll see what I can do, or at the very minimum, I'll refer you to an artist that would do it better! When working outside of a studio/parlour, I'm a pay-what-you-can tattooist. This means exactly what it implies: you're encouraged to pay what you can, based on your own budget, your circumstances, your valuation of my art, and by what means you'll be paying. I accept most forms of payment, including btz, food, and some select items (I'll update my ISO list from time to time). My suggested non-shop rate is $100 for the first hour and $50 for every hour after that, for a monetary reference point. If you'd like a breakdown of the costs that go into tattooing and why my rates are considered very cheap, feel free to ask! I'm an educator at my core, so I'd be happy to answer any questions. I have since last year extended beyond my primary market of marginalized people, including LGBTQ2S+, PoC, scarred, at-risk, and displaced clientele, but I'm of course still eager to work with anyone from this demographic, personally identifying with all of this. Scar cover-ups are a bit of a speciality of mine, and I've been able to tackle some tough skin! So, if you're interested, send me a message! I'm here for your tattooing needs from sketch to ink, and I always remain available for questions, free touch-ups, aftercare, and even solid connections as I've made with a few friends on here 😊 Thank you all for your ongoing support! (shameless context: I'm trying to make a push for this to not only pick up after a rough hiatus, but to also keep myself occupied after a recent unfortunate experience left me homeless, jobless, and schoolless. I typically have a vehicle to stay in, but this also means I may be travelling from an undetermined location! Please be patient and understanding of any changes going forward, although I will always try to give substantial notice for booking changes.) #tattoo #artist #tattooartist #torontotattoo #lgbtq #poc #housing #art #community

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