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Best Bunz Discoveries

With the sad end of the maker program and changes to the BTZ program, I’m feeling FEELINGSY about all the wonderful trades I’ve done through Bunz with people who make things I would have never otherwise discovered Here are some of my personal favs: - a STUNNING large-scale painting made by @catsy that I recently added to my home. Looks like it was MADE for the space and I stare at it lovingly every day 🥰 - a gorgeous handmade wooden mop by @rhoden. It is the prettiest cleaning tool I’ve ever owned and has turned cleaning floors from one of my most hated tasks to one of my favourites (also featured in that pic is a beloved snake plant from Mika which I’m GUTTED can no longer take all my btz) - a ring made using my grandmother’s wedding band by the incredibly talented @malleablejewellers. It never leaves my hand and never will - another painting by @catsy that EVERYONE comments on adoringly when they enter my home - an unbelievably realistic chalk portrait of my beloved pooch done by whose Bunz handle I forget (@katiequest). When I first brought it home I think I stared at it for several days with my mouth agape because I couldn’t believe how good it was - my custom feltie of my dog made by @llumonshop that is SO PERFECT. Sadly her account seems to now be defunct but what a sweet, talented human! - a painting of my grandmother I commissioned several years ago from a bun whose handle I can’t remember. It helps me feel like my beloved Gram is still here looking out for me 🥰 (If you are the bun who made this and see this post, please leave your name in the comments so I can tag you!) So many more I could list, but these are some of the most special 💗 What are your fav handmade items you’ve found through bunz?


bunz is magic

I wanted to take a minute to pause and reflect on my intense gratitude for this community and the role it has played in my life This year - thanks in large part to the magic of this platform - I was able to make some huge positive changes in my life. In particular, I was able to start life-changing (and very, very costly!) medical treatment that I've long needed but was never able to afford before. Bunz trades have helped me to cover essentials like groceries, clothing, and personal care items (and also for raw materials/packaging supplies to reduce overhead costs for items I make to trade), thus hugely reducing the amount I have to spend on bills, and enabling me to put aside a big enough portion of my paycheque to pay for expensive medical treatments I need, but that aren't covered by insurance or OHIP. Every time one of you trades with me? You're directly supported my ability to live a happy, healthy life. And I'm so, so grateful for that. While I'm focusing on my gratitude for this community, I also want to say it has been BEYOND life changing to see how products I've made, in my own kitchen, with my own two little hands, have given so much happiness, health, and wellness to other people. It will never stop giving me untold levels of warm fuzzies to hear your stories about how things I've made for you have helped alleviate your chronic pain, cheered you up when you were in the throes of the sads, or were a treasured gift to someone special in your life I don't ever take any of it for granted. I'm so grateful for the support of every Bun who has been part of my experience here. And I just wanted to formally say thank you for being part of my journey <3


Dear Bunz,

If you see a maker who creates something you’d like to have for yourself - whether on this platform, etsy, or anywhere else - I implore you, please do not ask them questions like: “How can I make it myself?” “Where can I buy the raw materials for this so I can make it myself?” “Can you give me your recipe?” I make a lot of different types of items, and am on the receiving end of these types of questions on an astonishingly frequent basis. I alternate between feeling like the irl version of these emojis: 🤔🙄😡 when I receive them. I typically just delete these messages and move on with my day. However, I thought it would be useful to put a reference post on my profile to explain why I’m gonna ignore you if you waltz into my inbox with these questions 1. I have spent HUNDREDS of hours sourcing materials and perfecting development of every single item I post. That’s valuable knowledge that I worked really damn hard to acquire, and I’m not just going to give it away 2. On multiple occasions I’ve had bunz contact me asking these questions under the guise that they wanted to DIY, and then several weeks later post copycat items for trade on their profiles which is RUDE and hurts my heart (and on more than one occasion I’ve had other bunz contact me saying they got these copycat items in a trade and they were ineffective or had side effects or whatever, which YIKES) 3. Many of the products I work with can be unsafe if handled improperly, used in the wrong ratio, or you don’t use the exact products I use. I’m skilled at this and know what I’m doing so that both the process and end product are safe. You could misinterpret directions or accidentally use the wrong thing and end up hurting yourself and I’m not having that on my conscience 4. Many of my materials come from vendors who aren’t accessible to the general public, so info about sourcing is of no use to you anyway 5. I’m not going to give you my extra time, for free, to write out instructions and teach you how to make something so that I DONT get compensated for the product in the end I want to make something clear: When you ask makers these types of questions, you are asking them to give away their intellectual property for free. It’s not like just asking your coworker to share the yummy keto salad recipe she found on the internet, or for your BFF to divulge where she bought that cute dress. What it IS like is asking a clothing designer to give you a pattern so you can sew a knockoff, or asking your fav neighbourhood bakery to give you their cookie recipe so you can make them yourself instead of supporting their business. I hope this helps clarify why I don’t/won’t answer these types of inquiries, and why you shouldn’t ask any maker these types of questions. Even if your intent isn’t malicious, it’s still frustrating and inappropriate.