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Build A Bong Yard Sale!!!

Massive build-a-bong yard sale. Do you want to build the biggest most awesome build-a-bong? Are you interested in making a bong so big that you need a friend's help to light it? Do you like using comically large bbq lighters to get lit? Well then I have the solution for you! Trading 6 build a bong parts. All the glass comes as is. All pieces are standard size build-a-bong parts. One clip is available 1. (Pic 1) 6" tall glass base, wide and very stable. Unbranded. Does not come with a downstem. Fits a downstem for a 14mm bowl piece. 2. (Pic 2) 8" Cheech triple middle piece with percolator, red Cheech branding, needs some cleaning 3. (Pic 3) 11" Cheech top piece, black branding and black top lip, has a 🌪️/spin piece at the bottom which doubles as an ice catcher. Labled as 7mm glass. 4. (Pics 4-5) 9" Gear percolator with "GEAR" branded sticker. The percolator part inside this piece broke off while it was being cleaned so now it can essentially be used as straight tube. The hole at the bottom can also double as an ice catcher as seen in pic 5. 5. (Pic 6-9) 20" XL HOSS top piece. Straight tube with ice catcher at the bottom. Labled as 7mm glass. The connecting part of this piece at the bottom chipped a bit, however, the piece still remains fully functional and the glass cracked in such a way that there are no sharp edges. This piece has a "Serato Video" sticker on the top above the hoss label. 6. A single Kek clip. Don't know the brand but it's the standard ones that they sell at THC in Toronto. Only one clip is available. ISO 420/concentrates or any of my other ISOs.

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