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Online Tutoring (math, science, English, Econ)

I am a professional educator offering over 10 years of private tutoring experience with proven results. I have extensive knowledge of Ontario, IB, and AP curricula and evaluations. I make complicated concepts seem less daunting and more accessible, and cater instruction to a student’s individual learning styles and goals, including special education needs. I have a passion for helping students progress and develop independent learning skills, as well as for the material. Subject Expertise: Mathematics: Arithmetic Geometry Algebra Functions Advanced Functions Statistics and Probability Calculus Vectors Science: General Science Chemistry Physics English: Reading comprehension Analysis Grammar Writing Essay Planning Economics: Micro Macro International Developmental A bit about myself: I am University of Toronto alumnus, where I studied mathematics, chemistry, and linguistics. My tutoring experience includes work with an Ontario Certified Teacher in developing and applying teaching techniques, as well as for various tutor rosters. I have been self-employed for the past 12 years providing in-home extracurricular support to a wide variety of students (K-12, as well as some college students and adult learners). My work has involved assisting with mastering course content, weekly homework, project planning, editing written work, and developing personally optimized study and test-taking strategies. I’ve also supplied workbooks, textbooks, and practice tests and exams for supplemental review. My patience, adaptability, and creativity combine with my curriculum and education knowledge to make me an exceptionally qualified tutor. I have excellent communication and interpersonal skills, and actively listen to students’ feedback to adjust my methods. This allows me to quickly identify and resolve the root cause of any misunderstandings. I understand that all students learn differently, and my individualized approach has resulted in better marks, raised confidence, as well as greater enjoyment of the material for dozens of students. Now offering online tutoring through Zoom video conferencing! Online tutoring can be used to help with schoolwork, get organized, create lessons or better understand existing ones, improve skills, close learning gaps, get ahead, and build confidence. The app is easy to use, and optimized for distance learning with features like a digital whiteboard, face-to-face interaction, and options for screen- and file-sharing to enable tutor and student to share resources and materials. I have access to a variety of online resources and textbooks I can supply, as well as a sizeable collection of hardcopy textbooks in my library that may match with the student’s home resources. References available. Please feel free to message me with any inquiries. My usual rate for this service is $45/hour. Now also accepting commensurate trades.

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