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Trade for new and used items, like urban out, in in Toronto. Earn BTZ to buy and sell on Bunz, or to spend on coffee, groceries and more at local businesses. Help us support sustainable trade in Toronto.


Bunz Burnt Out

Im thinkin about pausing my bunz page for the winter.. or at least limiting the amount of driving im doing for small swaps. If we have a trade pending lets finish it off next week, i will plan 1 day and come downtown or where ever you are.... nov 12 or 13 works for me. I dont mind checking likes, its fun.. but I am going to be more picky about trades if I am coming to you. Check my iso list before inboxing me.... I work near pearson but i come from orangeville... its far ... Like this post and ill check your page as always. Like this post if you find people VeRy demanding on this app! If i have a photo of 4 mugs and my post says Im keeping 2 and putting 2 up for trade... do not message me and say well i would HaVE to have all 4. Im not offering all 4. Im a collector.. if i like it i keep it. Thanks. Also if you ask me for measurements, extra photos and this and that and then never get back to me... down the line if you want to ask me for more info on newly posted items... a thanks for sending the info and sorry i didnt get back to you would be nice... your not entitled to my time and replies if you cannot even say thanks for getting back to me but its too big.... i know we can get busy and distracted and thats fine but a little courtesy goes a long way. Big pet peeve right now is people inboxing me for tons of stuff saying what did u want for this. Check my iso list ?? Do not keep adding to your list of things of mine you want unless your showing me an offer... its overwhelming to see you want want want but are not making any offer. I love bundles but you need some of my iso items ... i hunt for my stuff pretty hard. Also thanks to flaky bunz No more holds if we have never met before. Or transfer me some btz as a downpayment. I dont need the btz that bad but it shows commitment. Rant over. Lets not let the rotten bunz spoil it for the 130 or so amazing bunnies I have met this last year :) thanks for listening..

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