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Trading Nintendo Switch Games (Digital Codes)

I'll trade you a bunch of games for your one Switch game(depends) or Switch controllers, but feel free to add other items from my profile. LIKE this post and I'll try to look at your profile. I have a few extra codes to trade. How this works: Step 1. We meet up to trade and I'll give you the code(s). Step 2. Open the Eshop on your Nintendo Switch device and press the "Enter Code" button, simply type the code in and the game(s) will activate - along with some possible bonus gold coins. (Don't worry, I'll assist you during the meetup and wait to confirm so you know it's legit.) PRICES BELOW ARE JUST THE ESHOP PRICE AS REFERENCE. Feel free to trade what's COMFORTABLE for you as prices are not set. These extra codes are pointless to me as I already have them, and I much rather trade towards other Switch games even if it's me OFFERING MORE than yours to a certain extent. These are the games: Stardew Valley ($17) Hollow Knight ($17) Hotline Miami COLLECTION ($31.50) Celeste ($24.50) Katana Zero ($18.90) Originally I planned on buying two copies of codes along with another Nintendo Switch as one big present for my girlfriend, but I learned that we can share the same account instead of the same device. I have another game(co-op) not listed because I'm not sure if we'll have time to play local co-op or if I'll activate the game on two console(when I buy the second Switch) for online co-op. I may post that game later. My little cousins also have some codes that I bought as christmas presents as well (some same some different) but they may want to trade. I may update the games if account sharing idea goes well and this way they can try some of the traded bunz games.

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