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NEW: Phytoplankton Tablets - Karen Marine Phytoplankton- 30 tablets - New in Box

P/u Yonge/Wellington (address to be provided). #healthzone 30 capsules Expiration March 2019 Brand new in box, sealed Retail value is over $50 (see link below) Karen Marine Phytoplankton BTZ 3900 or equivalent full trade value ****************************************** MANUFACTURER'S DESCRIPTION ****************************************** Product link: Karen Phytoplankton is an ancient seed of Phytoplankton that we grow on land in filtered ocean water in an enclosed environment. Phytoplankton is the genesis of life and food in the ocean. They are the foundation of all nutrition in the ocean and their nutritional properties sustain whales who live over 100 years old. Phytoplankton are also the planet’s #1 oxygen producer. Features: To be used for the Maintenance Of Good Health A source of the antioxidant Zeaxanthin Naturally contains Beta-Carotene Dosage: For best results, you need to take Karen Phytoplankton everyday, even days where you feel good. Daily, use a half a scoop per day/250mg (scoop provided to you is equal to 1/8 of a teaspoon) Karen Phytoplankton is grown on land from seed with pure, filtered sea water. Nothing is taken from the ocean and the only by-product is pure oxygen. ********************** TRADE LOCATION: *********************** Collect ONLY downtown Toronto @ Yonge/Wellington (v close to King Stn/Union Stn/west St Lawrence Market). Will give exact address. I'm very flexible with dates/times and during the day is fine. You don't have to park - I can run the item down to you outside. I don't/can't take public transpo & don't have a TTC pass. No turnstile trades, sorry. Sometimes, I Uber downtown and we can wait a bit for the trade if it's higher value! I almost never go north or east of Yorkville, though. Thanks for your understanding. :) ******* ISOs: ******* BTZ or GCs preferred for fastest trades. Otherwise, please see my ISO list. Priority given to ppl who message with both (1) BTZ/GC trade or item on ISO list; and (2) confirmation item can be collected downtown. Bulk trades are nice and a mix of items and BTZ is also cool. Trade is confirmed and marked pending *only* once we have a collection date set. Fast trades are the best trades! ***************************** Please check out my other postings for a unique assortment of new toys, tech, home goods and designer clothing - an odd mix I know. Also feel free to 'follow' me as earlier message takes priority if all else is equal. I typically post new stuff a few times a week. Thanks a lot for looking! ***************************** #healthzone

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