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Original Painting - Art is Home

This piece was recently exhibited at my solo show at Gallery 1017. I'm taking off travelling for a while, so I'm listing some of my pieces online. The prices on many of them are quite high, so I'm only trading for things with a matching trade value. Please see my ISO list, which contains those higher priced items/services. Name: Art is Home Materials: Acrylic paint, mica dust, sticker letters, wooden letters Price: 1200 This was my first painting. Its arrival was unexpected. There was no pregnancy, only a sudden but welcome birth at a meeting of the now dissolved Stone Soup Collective run by Ordo Alchemeer Tinmagus. The story of this piece is the first chapter of my whirlwind romance with visual art. I sold my things to travel in 2014, believing that Toronto would soon become a distant memory. Yet the first time I returned, something unclenched within me that I didn’t realize had been. It felt like home. This unexpected comfort has returned again and again. A few months before the creation of this painting, I touched down in Toronto on a windy October day in 2018. I had just spent 9 months in South America and intended to visit for a short time before going somewhere warmer for the winter. As I write this, it’s May. I am still here. In Toronto, I found fellow writers. I found artists and musicians. I found spoken word. I found Ordo’s art jams. It was my second time going to one. I showed up with a canvas I’d been gifted. I wasn’t sure what would happen. Ordo’s art jams were always full of people. Strangely, that day, I was the only person there. He told me things I’d never have considered. He said to paint the sides. He said to move my brush in circles. He told me to wait for the paint to dry. My poetic mind found such deep meaning in this metaphor. How many times in my life had I rushed things, lost the subtlety in each beautiful moment because I couldn’t wait for the metaphorical paint to dry? There was a moment when Ordo and I looked at the universe unfolding on the canvas before us, marvelling at the fact that this was my first painting. A silent part of me finally gained its voice—a visual outlet I’d never accessed before because I was too busy chasing words. My original intent was to write a longer piece on this background: “One day, you will show everyone why you’ve always been so strange. Against the background of your art, your madness will make sense.” The letters I’d planned to use were too big, so I decided to shorten it. It became a long sentence, then a short sentence, then a few words, and eventually... just three. The simplest version of what I wanted to say. Now, I see the presence of words in my first painting is a symbol of transition—a coming of artist story. A necessary but temporary addition. I’ve put my pieces here in Gallery 1017 after once again purging all my things and packing up to travel. I’ll be back, but I’m not sure for how long. Toronto has been home for me as long as my creative energy has felt welcomed here, but at the end of the day, I’m still a nomad. My home isn’t any physical place. My home is the process of creativity that guides me through each day. I’ve had a lot of trouble even thinking about selling this piece because it means so much to me. But at the end of the day, I’ve realized that the idea of art being home travels with me everywhere I go. I am ready to release this piece to a loving owner. May it live as a reminder of where you always unconditionally belong. Artist Bio: Qildfyre is the pseudonym of award-winning author, poet, and spoken word artist Vironika Tugaleva. She began exploring visual art as a way to counterbalance the abundance of words in her work. Visual art allows her to express what speech cannot. #art #artzone

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