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Moving Sale And Thank You Note

Hi Bunz, It deeply saddens me to have to leave this amazing, life-changing community, but because of finances, among other things, I will be moving back home to SK after nine wonderful years in this beautiful city. I was offered a job in SK, but they want me to start earlier than expected, which means that I will be packing up and moving in about two short weeks. While I plan on taking a lot of my belongings, I will be drastically downsizing. I will post most items on here as I go, and ask that if you are interested in something, that you please act fast, as I don’t have much time. For the first week I will still be accepting btz, as I have my eye on something I want, but after that I won’t be able to accept btz or tokens for trades anymore. I also won’t be responding to anything in mine posts and will strictly be looking for gift cards and things from my updated ISO list. Thank you for understanding. In addition to Bunz, I will be posting furniture and home items on Carousell, Let Go and Kijiji, so please follow me there! I will be using the money to pay for my move. Now onto more important matters... From the bottom of my heart thank you to this community for making this giant city feel a little bit smaller and a little bit more like home. Thank you for helping me get out and meet new people and explore new areas of the city I’ve never seen before. Thank you for teaching me about the value of things, and helping me out during some of my lowest moments, like when I lost my job. Thank you for trying to make the world a little brighter and a little better. You are all wonderful people and I will miss you. P.S. I will definitely be trying to start the very first Bunz community in SK!

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