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Leather and Vinyl Repair Kit $32 Value

Bought earlier this year, BNIB. Cost $32 on Amazon. Description Product Description Cuts, tears, or burns in leather or vinyl surfaces damage appearance and can lower value or require replacement. This vinyl and leather repair kit allows you to repair the damage without the high cost of professional services. The detailed directions for use guide you through the process from cleaning and prepping the damaged area through to curing the color compound with the heat transfer tool and grain paper. The 3M Leather and Vinyl Repair Kit gives you professional-quality results in just a few steps 2: BACKING FABRIC: Note: For repairs greater than 0.25 inches, use backing fabric. (Cuts, burns or holes that are less than 0.25 inches do not require cloth backing fabric). Cut the enclosed fabric slightly larger than the damage. Use the spatula to insert the fabric into and under the damage. This will provide support for the repair compound. Use the vinyl adhesive to glue the backing fabric in place. Important: Adhesive requires a four hour dry time. Note: For rips and tears, apply the vinyl adhesive under both edges and the center to hold backing fabric in place. 3: SELECT GRAIN PAPER: Enclosed are three grain paper patterns. Select the grain paper closest to that of your damaged leather/vinyl. On the top center of the grain paper, draw an outline of the damaged area. This will allow you to position the heat transfer tool accurately over the repair compound in step 7. 4: FILL DAMAGE: For deep damages (for example in a vinyl dashboard), use the spatula to apply small amounts of the vinyl adhesive into the damaged area until the surface is level. Important: Adhesive requires a four hour dry time. The vinyl adhesive will shrink slightly as it dries, leaving a void. This will be filled in with the color repair compound. 5: MATCH COLOR: Using the color match guide and the empty mixing cup, mix very small amounts of compound to obtain the desired color needed. Note: White will lighten colors; yellow will brighten colors; black and brown will darken colors; brown can be made using red as the base and adding black and yellow. Use the practice vinyl and your color match compound in order to compare it to your color vinyl or leather. 6: PLACE GRAIN PAPER ON REPAIR: Place the grain paper over the un-dried color repair compound, making sure your drawn outline is directly over the damaged area. Do not move it. If repair is on a vertical surface, tape the grain paper down. 7: HEAT CURE: Plug in a hot iron and allow it four minutes to heat up on high setting (to approximately 300F). Place the metal tip of the heat transfer tool directly on the iron and allow several minutes to heat the tool. After the tool is heated, place the hot metal tip immediately on the grain paper over the drawn outline of the damage. Rotate the heat tool on the grain paper outline in a circular motion for 35-45 seconds. Reheat the tool and repeat this process until the color compound has cured and separates cleanly from the grain paper. Features & details Kit repairs cuts, tears and burns in automotive leather and vinyl Color matching guide helps customize the color Textured grain papers help match coarse to smooth pattern An inexpensive option for repairing minor damage Complete kit includes supplies, tools and directions


Machine Learning 1 : 1 Sessions

⤴️ Update It's almost summer! I'm currently doing PhD level coursework on ML. If you're looking for a side-project because your schedule's a bit quieter, and have been interested in machine learning / AI - this is good timing! I'm looking to help one or two people gain knowledge in this subject matter. It's okay if you're not in a technical field, e.g., software engineering; I can help and break down mathematical concepts that are easy to digest. Someone who is willing to learn, intrigued by how things work, put in some effort and adopt a critical thinking approach will benefit a lot. Especially if you have considered a career direction towards AI related work in the near future. Googling can take you far, but structure and guidance from someone who can walk you through in person will expedite learning difficult theorical concepts heavy in algebra, statistics, probability and calculus. So send me a message. I'm a Bunz transaction newbie here. Please be gentle. When messaging, send me a few topics found below that you want to know more about as a conversation starter ・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・ Topics in Machine Learning: ⏤ 01 ⋯ Introduction to Machine Learning 02 ⋯ Advanced Automatic Differentiation 03 ⋯ Neural Net Optimization 04 ⋯ Probabilistic Modeling 05 ⋯ Stochastic Variations 06 ⋯ Probabilistic Inference 07 ⋯ Reinforcement Learning 08 ⋯ Regularization 09 ⋯ Latent variable analysis 10 ⋯ Machine Learning in Finance 11 ⋯ Topics of Deep Learning 12 ⋯ Unsupervised Learning 13 ⋯ Adversarial Robustness 14 ⋯ Non-convex Optimization 15 ⋯ Machine Learning in Health 16 ⋯ Statistical Learning 17 ⋯ Statistical Compressibility 18 ⋯ Generative Models 19 ⋯ Generalization Optimization 20 ⋯ Supervised Learning ・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・ Not all, but some things you'll be able to take away after our sessions together: 🆚 differentiate between learning models, optimization methods and algorithm types 🛠 know the disadvantages / advantages of machine learning 🏭 be able to conceptually guess which types of algorithms were used to model some features like face recognition or emotional likihood of a situation 🧲 open doors to opportunities in a different or new industry that you've always wanted to go into because of what you now know 🏗 help build an augmented version of the future that brings meaning to everyday relationships, human connections, close by, afar, or in bytes ・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・ 𐄙 DM for more details 𐄙 And hell yes, I am doing this for free 𐄙 🍕First come / confirmation basis

Service ⤵️

Hello wonderful Bunz world! Do you have a business or want to start one? Are you facing a current challenge and don’t know what step to take next? As a consultant I can help you: 📌Craft a cohesive action plan for growing your business/nonprofit 📌Boost clarity about your vision projects 📌Assess revenue and profits 📌Leverage your time and assets, and design an efficient business model 📌Extend your reach and find new customers 📌Increase motivation, focus, clarity, success and balance. Portfolio Examples📈 1) Licensing, change management, and risk management for an educational program. 2) Strategic branding and marketing for a production company & webseries 3) Pricing strategy and marketing for a tutoring company. 4) Branding, research, networking, strategic goals, EP launch for a singer/songwriter 5) Lean business plan and branding for 2 jewellery companies. 6) Brand development, marketing/copy and strategy for a career coach 7) short term strategic goals & priorities for a professional organizer Please note the examples above involved several hours to months of work! Whereas here, pitch me your idea or question. Testimonials on my website: Ask yourself💬 🔸What is a current challenge for you or your team - what keeps you up at night? 🔸What’s the next best step I should be taking? 🔸Am I getting the results I desire? 🔸Where should I be focusing, with my limited time and resources? PROCESS✅ For my time, 1) 1 hour kick off convo (phone or in person) about your company, challenges and priorities. Have you had or do you need a strategic plan? If I find that your issue is self-manageable I will leave you with resources and direction, I don’t want to waste your time and money; 1.a.) What’s the scope of my involvement - are we the right fit for one another, if yes then continue to 2) Trade for this, BTZ = 7,500 value (I usually over $100/hour so here is a BUNZ discount!) 2) Strategy and detailed work plan - I will work with you to research and assess the performance of the team, business or department and provide recommendations and tools. BTZ or my ISOs = TBD, and will match to the agreed upon scope of work, and billable hours. We define this clearly before proceeding. ABOUT ME📓 I have an MBA, I worked in nonprofit for 10+ years, and currently work to help organizations scale up, and build their capacity. I was captain of my varsity fencing team, and have a great balance of soft and hard skills. My passion and desire is to be helpful, focus on the person, provide discipline, motivation and to help drive success. My clients say I’m very resourceful, creative, and efficient. Looking forward to hearing from you. -Salomeh #service #giftit #skills #business #businessconsulting

UE Megaboom 3

The Ultimate Ears Megaboom 3 Bluetooth speaker. I got this as a Christmas gift, I took it out of the box, turned it on a used it once, it sounds absolutely amazing! I just don't need it right now. So it's brand new, used once, still with the box, wall outlet, charging cable and charging stand. It costs $219 in stores. More about the UE Megaboom 3: Start a party anywhere with the Ultimate Ears MEGABOOM wireless Bluetooth speaker. Waterproof, shockproof, and dirt-proof, this rugged speaker is built for beach days, pool parties, camping trips, and more. Dual passive radiators, performance drivers, and advanced digital signal processing create powerful bass and rich balanced sound. More Information: -Bluetooth 4.1 lets you wirelessly connect to your smartphone, tablet, or other Bluetooth-enabled device within a 100' range so you can stream high-energy beats -NFC technology allows you to pair your NFC-compatible device with a simple tap Still use an iPod or MP3 player? Use the 3.5mm audio output to connect music players without Bluetooth or NFC -IP67-rated protection means this rugged speaker is waterproof (can be immersed in water up to 1 metre for up to 30 minutes), dirt-proof, and shockproof -Reliable lithium-ion battery lasts up to 20 hours, allowing you to keep the groovy dance tunes going until the sun comes up--just press the + and - buttons together at any time to see how much juice is left Battery fully recharges in as little as 2.5 hours thanks to speedy micro USB charging -POWER UP charging dock makes it easy to grab your speaker and go, fully charged, whenever you need it Insanely good sound -Two 2-inch drivers, two 2-inch x 4-inch passive radiators, and advanced digital signal processing produce 360-degree sound so you can blast heart-pounding bass and crisp high notes in any direction -Tap the top of the speaker once to play or pause, and twice to skip tracks -Use the companion app on your smartphone to turn it on remotely or activate special features like musical alarm and tap controls -Five-band equalizer gives you ultimate control, so you can custom-tune the sound that's right for you and enjoy the perfect amount of bass, mids, and highs -Built-in speakerphone offers crystal-clear conversation and makes it easy to answer calls without having to fumble for your phone -Expand your system with the UE app -Block Party lets you and 2 friends play DJ all night long--this handy feature allows 3 people to connect to a single UE MEGABOOM and use a variety of music services to share songs through the same speaker -Wirelessly connect a second UE speaker with Double Up and amplify the listening experience when more friends come to crash the fiesta -Use the app to control the balance and to pick between stereo or double sound

PWYC Tattoos!

Please read the whole post if possible! Edit 3: My situation improved a lot during the first month! I did 30+ pieces from here! But then my machine was damaged and a client threatened me into giving a refund... So that was an unfortunate cost and a bit of a setback... So, I'm still here, but I've updated the photos! Edit 2: Many of you have asked about my circumstances, and so many have offered direct aid regardless of my tattooing services, and I am so very thankful for that. I will be doing a few tattoo giveaways as soon as possible, and I'll pay it forward in every way that I can. I am truly, genuinely grateful for all of you. Hi! I'm a certified Toronto-based artist that has primarily worked as a guest tattooist while doing house-calls and various location bookings. I posted my tattoo services on bunz before and the response was so good; many of the tattoos I've included as examples have been for bunzers :) In addition to being a certified tattooist, I'm a multi-faceted professional with a degree in physiology and medical experience, with candidacy for another degree in healthcare (forced to take a leave of absence because of my situation, though). I'm also an interdisciplinary artist, having experience in technical, fine, abstract, minimalist, and more art styles. I should be able to fit your needs! I'm notoriously light handed yet still quick and always minimize pain without the usual increase in time taken. Wherever I am, I try my best to provide a safe and relaxing environment, so that comes first. Many clients have come to me for their first tattoos, and just as many to add to their growing collections. Some of you have come back for your 10th or more tattoos done by me, and that's the type of relationship I'd like to build with any new clients :) Stylistically, I don't have a preference, coming from a zoological, technical, and illustrative background, with years of experience in modern design to tackle minimalism, geometric work, and more. Just send me your ideas and I'll see what I can do, or at the very minimum, I'll refer you to an artist that would do it better! When working outside of a studio/parlour, I'm a pay-what-you-can tattooist. This means exactly what it implies: you're encouraged to pay what you can, based on your own budget, your circumstances, your valuation of my art, and by what means you'll be paying. I accept most forms of payment, including btz, food, and some select items (I'll update my ISO list from time to time). My suggested non-shop rate is $100 for the first hour and $50 for every hour after that, for a monetary reference point. If you'd like a breakdown of the costs that go into tattooing and why my rates are considered very cheap, feel free to ask! I'm an educator at my core, so I'd be happy to answer any questions. I have since last year extended beyond my primary market of marginalized people, including LGBTQ2S+, PoC, scarred, at-risk, and displaced clientele, but I'm of course still eager to work with anyone from this demographic, personally identifying with all of this. Scar cover-ups are a bit of a speciality of mine, and I've been able to tackle some tough skin! So, if you're interested, send me a message! I'm here for your tattooing needs from sketch to ink, and I always remain available for questions, free touch-ups, aftercare, and even solid connections as I've made with a few friends on here 😊 Thank you all for your ongoing support! (shameless context: I'm trying to make a push for this to not only pick up after a rough hiatus, but to also keep myself occupied after a recent unfortunate experience left me homeless, jobless, and schoolless. I typically have a vehicle to stay in, but this also means I may be travelling from an undetermined location! Please be patient and understanding of any changes going forward, although I will always try to give substantial notice for booking changes.) #tattoo #artist #tattooartist #torontotattoo #lgbtq #poc #housing #art #community


Wool Dryer Balls

Hey Bunzerinos! I'm a local small business owner who makes #ecofriendly #laundry & #cleaning products! I'm here to trade some of my awesome #green laundry products & help new Torontonians find my little brand 💜 Our Wool Dryer Balls help to reduce your drying time (and electricity bill!), as well as reducing #static, #wrinkles, and #pethair in finished laundry! They also naturally soften fabrics, totally eliminating the cost of fabric softeners & #dryersheets! They're also reusable, my personal set is 12years old & still going strong! I recommend a bare minimum of 2 balls per set, as part of how they work is by tumbling in opposite directions, creating more separation and better air flow within the load. Because of this, they also have a cumulative effect, meaning the more balls you use, the more time you'll cut off your drying cycle! *Note: TRADE VALUE (1000 BTZ, or $10) IS PER INDIVIDUAL BALL, UNSCENTED. If you'd like to add scent, it is an extra 200 BTZ/$2 value per ball (scent typically lasts at least 50 loads before fading, folks often find they get up to a year of scent depending on how often they use the balls & how hot their dryers are, as scent is heat released) I have SO MANY colours available! (& #scents - but don't worry, they're all #unscented by default!), I even have a collection including 11 different pride flags (2nd photo shows 9 of 11), and am always open to custom requests too! You can see my full selection of colours on my site & social media: Colours shown included photos: 1- Violet, Raspberry, Flamingo, Orange, Leaf, Emerald, Sky, Aqua 2, the pride collection: #bisexual, #nonbinary, #aromantic, #genderfluid, #lgbt, #pansexual, #asexual, #agender, #intersex, (not shown here but also included: #transgender & #genderqueer) 3 - Collage including - Upper Left: Pride collection; Upper Right set of 4: #flamingo, #copper, #sunshine, #gold; Lower left set of 4: #teal, #royal, #mint, #blossom; Lower Right photo features #detergent, #essentialoil, and #linenspray 4 - Light Grey, Medium Grey, Dark Grey, and Black 5&6- Display at show (Buy Good, FeelGood Expo 2018) 7 - An example of a custom colour combination do for 1 of my retailers! (Related lol - Own a store? Let's chat! I'm always expanding my family of retailers & I would love to work with more local (and heck, non local too!) businesses!!) ISO: BTZ & gift cards, or msg me & we can chat about items from my ISO list/your posts I have liked #home #homecare


Dear Bunz,

If you see a maker who creates something you’d like to have for yourself - whether on this platform, etsy, or anywhere else - I implore you, please do not ask them questions like: “How can I make it myself?” “Where can I buy the raw materials for this so I can make it myself?” “Can you give me your recipe?” I make a lot of different types of items, and am on the receiving end of these types of questions on an astonishingly frequent basis. I alternate between feeling like the irl version of these emojis: 🤔🙄😡 when I receive them. I typically just delete these messages and move on with my day. However, I thought it would be useful to put a reference post on my profile to explain why I’m gonna ignore you if you waltz into my inbox with these questions 1. I have spent HUNDREDS of hours sourcing materials and perfecting development of every single item I post. That’s valuable knowledge that I worked really damn hard to acquire, and I’m not just going to give it away 2. On multiple occasions I’ve had bunz contact me asking these questions under the guise that they wanted to DIY, and then several weeks later post copycat items for trade on their profiles which is RUDE and hurts my heart (and on more than one occasion I’ve had other bunz contact me saying they got these copycat items in a trade and they were ineffective or had side effects or whatever, which YIKES) 3. Many of the products I work with can be unsafe if handled improperly, used in the wrong ratio, or you don’t use the exact products I use. I’m skilled at this and know what I’m doing so that both the process and end product are safe. You could misinterpret directions or accidentally use the wrong thing and end up hurting yourself and I’m not having that on my conscience 4. Many of my materials come from vendors who aren’t accessible to the general public, so info about sourcing is of no use to you anyway 5. I’m not going to give you my extra time, for free, to write out instructions and teach you how to make something so that I DONT get compensated for the product in the end I want to make something clear: When you ask makers these types of questions, you are asking them to give away their intellectual property for free. It’s not like just asking your coworker to share the yummy keto salad recipe she found on the internet, or for your BFF to divulge where she bought that cute dress. What it IS like is asking a clothing designer to give you a pattern so you can sew a knockoff, or asking your fav neighbourhood bakery to give you their cookie recipe so you can make them yourself instead of supporting their business. I hope this helps clarify why I don’t/won’t answer these types of inquiries, and why you shouldn’t ask any maker these types of questions. Even if your intent isn’t malicious, it’s still frustrating and inappropriate.

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