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ONLINE & IN-PERSON Personal Training/Coaching (Fat Loss, Nutrition, Weightlifting, Powerlifting)

Hi! Finally ready to be opening this up to BUNZ! ❤️✨ My partner and I have a small local personal training and coaching business, we offer online and in-personal training sessions. We are accepting a few more clients! We specialize in: • strength programs (powerlifting, introduction to weights, ways to optimize muscle building, building lean muscle) • fat loss programs (NOT weight loss, we preserving that muscle baby!), 1:1 HIIT training (think F45, but not $300) • nutrition - 1:1 coaching, detailed macro split, meal plan guidelines We both have a membership @ goodlife where we can come to your closest gym to train you, or your condo gym etc. We can meet in person in these dedicated areas: (Newmarket, Aurora, Markham, Richmond Hill, Vaughan, North York, Scarborough, Toronto along the line 1 from Finch all the way to Union) My partner, male, is the head coach and specializes in weights, fat loss, powerlifting, nutrition and strength. I specialize in strength, weights (powerlifting, intro to weightlifting) and HIIT/CrossFit. On top of that, you can choose a 4 week online coaching program with weekly video or phone call check ins, daily updates over text, and always updated spreadsheets based on the previous week’s progress and struggles) We will also work around existing injuries you have, or create the program to fix those injuries while working on your goals! 💪🏼 Nutrition is also offered, either hand in hand with the training plan or separately - this is a detailed guide on your macro planning or even HOW to start counting macros geared towards losing fat, or gaining muscle. In-depth options are available as well (specific meal ideas, planning etc) ** rates are dependant upon your training day split (how many days do you go)/your training plan (intro to the gym vs. prepping for a competition)/nutrition etc. 📨 DM ME FOR A RATE + more details 📨 (Spoiler alert: we are REALLY affordable compared to some people/gyms 🐸☕️) Accepting $, GC for programs, or ISO items/BTZ for solo sessions. Dm me, we will work something out!

Psa - Knix Warehouse Sale Update

Not much of a line tonight. Staff are super nice. They do restock every day so I don't know if they might have more but o have a feeling not...they didn't even have a basket for s tanks anymore. Small tanks sold out. Only one style of padded bra for size 1 and 2. Padded bras looked nicer and were available in black and white pattern and reversible in black. The back of the bra has clips to put it on. So comfortable. Seamless. The cups don't fit me great, but so so freaking comfortable and close enough. Made more for plain tees and not low cut stuff. More of a sporty girl function. Will probably become my weekend bra. All their padded (evolution) and non padded bras are reversible. More styles of non padded available. You can try on everything but underwear. If you buy a lot of leak proof undies they will discount it even more. For small there were mainly high rise brief (retro and granny fit ...) If you dig and look carefully, you will find other styles. They are stretchy, so I grabbed the xs. They also have the knixteen fit if you can't find any that you like in s or xs. Knixy are lace leak proof. The lace ones are really really gorgeous. Any that say "fresh fit air" are not leak proof. Shorties are for thigh chafing. "Fresh fit" only are leak proof. They had boy short in black, beige and hot coral, knixy, bikini and thong. I'm tempted to go back for the regular ones. High quality and way comfortable. Sexier than some of my normal underwear. Who knew my period underwear could look so hot. The s and xs fit similar for me. I bought both sizes. They look bigger than they actually are. When I picked them up I didn't think it would look great. Went home, tried it on... They were not as high and big as I thought. Perfect fit. They had white sweatproof shirts in small. The arm pit area has the same material as the leak proof undies and really nice seaming. Really good quality and very comfy. Really great sale. Sorry don't have much details on other sizes lol...focused on my shopping hehe. Pricing - leak proof 3 for $27, regular undies 10 for $50, tanks $35, t-shirt $25, bras 3 for $60

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