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Living Milk Kefir Grains !

Milk kefir grains, available for trade or BTZ OR - if you ask me nicely I will give them to you for free but then I would ask that you either A) be willing to drive to Perth ON to come pick them them, or B) send postage stamps and I will send some via Canada Post- within Canada - $2 for dried grains, $5 for living grains ( they are bulkier and have more weight.... I won't ship with much milk so they will be hungry when they arrive and will need to be put into fresh milk ) Depending when you ask I might have some ready or I might need up to a week to grow more. Things I would like in trade... hm. Lots of options really.... water kefir grains, tempeh culture, heirloom vegetable seeds, \, wine, fresh eggs, homegrown cannabis bud, a pre-rolled joint from a Licenced Producer in its original packaging, china markers / grease pencils, shroom spores, an amayrills bulb, cottage cheese, fresh bones for stock, sunlight soap in bars, lavender, essential oil, a DVD copy of Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are dead, any book by Terry Pratchett or Soren Keirrkegaard, local produce, bird seed, suet, I need someone to take care of my cat when I travel, fresh cilantro or other herbs, extra yarn, hand tools for gardening, sauerkraut, half burnt candles, blue wine bottles, good rope, chain, a log for the fireplace, old musical instruments, essential oil, funky socks, fur hats, felt hats, a little kitten, a tall can of Mill Street Organic (or antyhing, really), interesting textiles, a wide mouthed mason jar, glass pie plates or baking ware, stainless steel bowls,....or... try me :)

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