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THE WORLD'S GREATEST Levi's Men's Trucker Jacket - Medium

It's now fall and you want a jeaner, but a good one is hard to find. Thrift stores sell them instantly. Your dad won't part with his beauty vintage. You'd go buy a new one but rent is due soon and you'd rather spend that $120+ on hockey beers/pumpkin spice lattes. WHAT TO DO?! Hi, I have a Levi's denim jacket in prime condition (I've worn it maybe three times). Background: I wanted a jean jacket so badly, so my parents bought me this one. God bless their hearts, but I'm not a huuuuuuge fan of the wash. I'd dye it or something, but it's also too big, and I'm trying to make Marie Kondo proud. A perfect jacket for you if: 1) you want a jean jacket. Classic fall staple. 2) Your boyfriend's fall attire needs help. Awwww, you're an amazing boy/girlfriend! We're all looking for someone just like you. I'm honoured to be a footnote in your love journey. 3) You like arts and crafts. Consider this jacket a blank canvas. 4) You're into textiles and want to experiment bleaching/dying/cross-stitching (I think that's a thing. Grandma's said it before). Here's a guinea pig jacket. 5) You're an XS/S looking for that boyfriend fit denim jacket but can't find one anywhere (see opening soliloquy). Igotchu. In return, looking for: Coffee and coffee accessories Men's 8.5-9 black boots (bit of a stretch, but who knows) Decent shelving A small/medium men's field / wax jacket A good self-help book IDK, life knowledge Homemade desserts (baklava would be amazing right now). Let's talk.

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