Trade Streetwear in Vancouver

Trade for new and used items, like Streetwear, in Vancouver. Earn BTZ to buy and sell on Bunz, or to spend on coffee, groceries and more at local businesses. Help us support sustainable trade in Vancouver


Weekly Veggie Box

A variety of hand-picked seasonal produce and foods from local family farms and yours truly. *We are currently doing porch drops/contactless delivery in Mount Pleasant, East Van, New West, and Coquitlam. We can do drops in West Van if 3 or more people join. Due to unpredictable/limited availability during the shoulder season and the pandemic, the variety of different veggies will be reduced for now. We are aiming to provide the most basic/essential veggies that can be used in a large variety of dishes. Once our own growing setup is running again, we will be able to provide more variety ❤️ Our goal is to support local farmers, make local produce accessible to you, and reduce the number of trips people need to make to the grocery store, to reduce everyone’s risk ❤️ What’s in the typical veggie box? -carrots or beets -potatoes -1 onion -1 red russian garlic -fruit (apples, or kiwis, or dried fruit) -*pea shoots (great raw or cooked) *Our sprouts supplier is revamping their production to ensure customer safety, and will reopen in a few weeks. During this time, we will be substituting with dried local organic herbs, dried peas/legumes, or local honey Last pic is an example of last week’s veggie box 2500 BTZ weekly when you commit to a month, or 2700 BTZ week to week Sign up now and get your first week at the discounted rate of 2500 BTZ! (100 BTZ = $1) ************************************** Order Deadline: Wednesdays @9pm ************************************** Thanks for supporting your local family farms ❤️ ***We Accept BTZ 😸*** Extra safety steps we are taking: produce will be handled with virgin plastic bags (in place of gloves due to shortage). Produce will be pre-packed by farmers whenever possible (minimize number of people handling produce). Vigorous hand washing and sanitization procedures will be followed. Order packing at Green Zebra is limited to two people, and both are in voluntary social isolation. All drop offs will be no-contact and 6ft social distancing will be enforced at all times #EatLocal #Veggies #CSA #Food

It’s Time To Take This Seriously

I urge you all to suspend non-essential trades. The coronavirus is a serious global pandemic and it’s time to take extreme measures. I am currently abroad in a nation wide lockdown that has restricted all movements and I will not be able to come back to Van until the quarantine is lifted. These may seem like extreme measures or like an over exaggeration but I’d rather we exaggerate than not do enough. Look at what Italy is going through right now. They are experiencing unprecedented death rates and have surpassed Chinas death toll. Many of these people are dying because there simply isn’t enough resources to help them so they have to prioritize the lives of younger and healthier people. It’s that just awful? DONT BE FOOLED INTO THINKING THIS WONT HAPPEN IN CANADA. Our healthcare system is already feeling the pressure, and we are just at the beginning. I’m not trying to fear monger but I’m frustrated. I’m frustrated and tired of seeing people dying and healthcare workers at their wits ends. Of reading stories of people who can’t say goodbye to their loved ones. Who can’t plan funerals. Who can’t mourn their relatives, who can’t even bury their dead because there isn’t the capacity to do so. People have DIED to teach us to be better. To take this seriously. To act rapidly. To act in solidarity. Don’t squander this opportunity. A good article that shows the reality’s of the pandemic in Italy: Good source of stats on the coronavirus:

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