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Zero Waste Customized Wallet

Update: I no longer take only BTZ. Please check out the ISO of my personal account, @leafsobsessed Minimalist personalized envelope wallet, handmade from reclaimed scrap vegetable tanned leather and solid brass hardware. Made from sustainably sourced leather, offcuts that would otherwise end up in the landfill. There may be slight variation in color and very minor cosmetic blemishes as typical of raw leather. I have access to scraps in other colours but they will be chrome-tanned. If you are set on vegan leather I may be able to find some, but I really prefer not to work with plastic products. Plenty of room for lots of cards, coins, and cash. For an extra 300 BTZ, I can stamp whatever words/numbers you like on the front or back - see my other leather products for ideas of what to stamp. As the leather is reclaimed and the wallets are handmade and handstamped, small imperfections may occur. I will always send photos for your approval before we meet up. The backpack in the last picture shows how the wallet may wear over several years. Expect the raw leather to darken with exposure to sun or oils. NB: I use screws rather than rivets because they are stronger and reusable, however they have the potential of loosening over time. If you never plan on taking apart and reusing, I’d start by unscrewing the screws, putting a small dab of glue or clear nail polish before retightening. Otherwise you can just keep an eye on them and tighten once in a while. #zerowaste #gift #giftit End of life: 🍃 Biodegradable and recyclable/reusable. Vegetable-tanned leather is not treated with toxic chemicals unlike conventional chrome-tanned leather; so it is safe to compost. The solid brass hardware has been created from recycled metals and is easier and cheaper to recycle than steel or aluminum - the hardware is also easy to remove and can be reused, resold, or returned to me.