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Windex warning!!

This is traded but I have to share dangers of Windex. Be rid of this and use up what you have!!!!!!!!!! I got so many requests for this, I want to share a zero waste and non-toxic and cheaper options than Windex. I'll keep this brief. In short, Windex has high levels of toxicity for respiratory, endocrine disruption and is extremely horrible on skin contact absorbing into your bloodstream. I used to work for companies as these, body and home care products. The industry is shockingly not regulated to give warnings of what is really in cleaning products. Just think, if there is a warning on it that says to explicitly avoid contact with skin and eyes, do you really want traces of this in your home around kids and pets? Further, the chemicals, toxins and dyes are so so awful for our health, and environment, and think, we are spraying this in our homes. I like to get people to think about it like this. At factory level, think of all the tons and gallons of the raw chemical that comes in massive vats are mixed together. The scale is beyond anything you can imagine. Divide and conquer, I get it, it seems like a small bottle in your home is harmless, but think of the millions of units there are out there in the world, and collectively, this makes up millions of litres of chemical ending up in our air, water and land. Using for windows? The cheap and better and surprisingly better fix? Vinegar. Superstore sells a 4L for $2. Even better go zero waste refill store for concentrated. It is more expensive I'll admit. It breaks my heart literally, when someone buys this off the shelf. Use it up and be gone with it. Your pocketbook will thank you!!! I urge and almost beg people to stop using windex and or any other commercial window cleaner. My credentials, I worked for companies at head office level, also have a background in formulating and reviewing ingredients of products. Most everything you see in a grocery store like Shoppers, Walmart, Superstore is all junk. Ask for tips anytime!!!! Home and body care!!! PS. most body care brands are filled with petroleum: Johnsons, Aveeno, St Ives, Dove, Ivory, Kiehls - my former favorite go to. **************************************** Original post: For those Windex addicts. For trade and use if you do. Trade, use and never buy again. Save your money and use vinegar for pennies. Better for health and environment too. Use vinegar for anywhere you use windex.