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Learn tennis! For beginners

Warmer weather coming up! Get into tennis! Never played? Super ripe beginner? This perhaps is for someone interested in taking a few sessions and getting feel for the ball and basics before taking some formal classes. Full disclosure. I am NOT a certified instructor, however I am a decent player hitting at a 2.5+ level hitting with others at a 4.0+. We will start with 101 to get you into a basic forehand, backhand and rally. Playing in Yaletown, Kits or Stanley Park. Pending surrounding areas and schools. One hour 3500+btz or other items of that range. Why take these sessions? Because learning to play tennis also includes just getting familiar with the racket and ball. I did take lessons, but I feel that having some play under your belt beforehand will help you absorb more out from the coach to focus on new things and get the super beginner basics out of the way. As much court time as you can with a more experienced person gets more out of the classes. Are you a coach at the 3.0+ level? I'd trade for lessons too. On that note, want to play for fun? 2.5+ players to play games with (patient with each other as serving is often still amiss trying to get a rally started) and 3.0+ players if you just want to hit, for rallying and get the heart rate up! For fun, no trade. To the tennis pros I know have input and feedback on my offering lessons. Yes, I agree with getting a coach and proper lesson starts you up with fundamentals. I am trading some time to rally and give basics how to hit and exposure before they take lessons. A friend to hit for an hour. Yes I know all about bad habits picked up in the beginning lead to bad tennis, but I also know getting into tennis is not cheap, and simply court time and hands on is helpful getting your muscle memory in to start rallying, feel of the racket rather than showing up on day 1 of class with nothing. I've taken classes having to wait around for others to figure out the dynamics and swing of the racket, and the contact of the ball controlling the swing so it doesn't go all over the place and it is annoying. To everyone else; before taking classes, do yourself and others a favor get some court time in and feel for the racket and ball with a friend before taking classes for your sake and rather than getting a feel on the first day, how the ball moves, where it moves to when you swing and discover some of the issues before taking the class. Get those rusty arms, and balls that fly over the fence out of the way before starting class and the season! The offer here is to hit with a friend and the basics of forehand, backhand and rally tips. Best for mid-May and flexible schedule. Tennis, even rallying just for cardio is awesome and better than a walk in the park! Getting exercise without even knowing it! PS. bring your own racket and own balls. Will have training balls, but for the rally portion new or newer balls best for rallying.