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Perpetual Calendar - A Year of One Weeks - Desk or Portable Planner Postcard Set Made by ME

I made a bunch of these postcard-style calendars and have lots left over. Do you have so much to do you're making To Do lists to remember to make a To Do list? I've been there too! That's why I designed a weekly planner that is conveniently sized with lots of writing space AND still looks cute when you whip it out to consult it. This set comes with 52 postcards that are double-sided with the first half of the week on one side, and the second half of the week on the other, as well as a square for Notes. DETAILS: - Standard postcard size 4" x 6" - Printed on thick, soft-matte cardstock so it's easy to write on with many types of pens - Double-sided so you only have to carry one card each week instead of a bulky book. - I designed these specifically to be folded in half for an even smaller size while leaving everything visible. Write the errands, appointments and other to-do list items on this card at the start of the week or as they come up, and carry it with you in your purse or pocket. Completely recyclable at the end of the week, so you don't have to feel bad about using one each week. No actual dates are written on the cards other than the days of the week, so if you miss a week you won't lose a card. Everything was designed by me and printed at a local printhouse here in Vancouver. They're ready to ship, and would make a great stocking stuff for a friend or relative for Christmas, or for anyone you know who has a lot on the go. Willing to take BTZ. Please see my ISO list, and my other listings for more of my printed items. :) Thanks!! #giftit #makers