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SERVICE OFFERED - Cleaning/Organizing/Personal Assistant

We all get overwhelmed, our busy consuming lives take over and we forget how important it is to be organized at home as well. I am non-judgemental and only want to help you organize and clean your space. I am there to listen and help guide you through the process, I’ve made it through some of the hardest times (in my life) and wished I could have had the option to have someone (unbiased) to help me. Someone safe that is there to listen and help you get to the next step, sometimes it’s easier to accept help from someone who isn’t family or a friend. I pass no judgement and just want to help you get past this block :) Even after getting back on track sometimes you need that maintenance help to keep you on track. All progress and success require maintenance, break the cycle and schedule an appointment for maintenance help. It’s so much easier to do through an app and convenient to have someone able to pop over. Please send me a message to book a time and which package will work for you :) Cleaning and organizing services for trades or btz’s: #1 Introductory offer-first booking only *2500 btz’s for 2 hours of maintenance cleaning #2 Busy schedules- *3500 btz’s for 2 hours of maintenance cleaning including bed change and laundry #4 Busy schedules with pets- *5000 btz’s for 3 hours of maintenance cleaning including bed change, laundry and dog walk (1 walk per booking) #5 Busy schedules with pets and meal prep- *6500 btz’s for 3 hours of maintenance cleaning including bed change, laundry, dog walk and minimal meal prep. #6 Busy schedules/personal assistant *5000 btz’s for running personal local errands (transport must be provided/paid), being present at home while you are in a meeting or on a conference call, feed/meds/walk pets, grocery shop or pick up your online order (e-transfer of funds are needed beforehand-able to pick up online order and drop off groceries to house—-including liquor store/bakery/tidy up if unexpected guests are popping over and there’s no time etc) #7 Elder care *2500 btz’s for 2-3 hours of maintenance cleaning, bed change, laundry, hang out, minimal meal prep, run errands ie: grocery shop (e-transfer needed beforehand) assist on public transit to appointments, litter box cleaning, pet walking or transport to vet appointments (as long as transit ready-can also use my Evo but that must be prepaid). If I am available, I can provide full or part time care (check in and feedings) for their pets if they have a short hospital stay. And working with the family I can do meal prep for when they come back home. ***I have my medical/government confidentiality training/status. I also have a clean background criminal check through the VPD including working with the vulnerable sector. The last check completed was last year through a shop that I worked at. *** ***The checks are $75 (you must pay for if you want current document, obviously you have to come with me) and the VPD run the check and you pick it up at the station from them.*** *Maintenance cleaning includes a light housemaid service of minimal cleaning and organizing, being present to let construction/services cable/internet in, collect mail, feed cat, water plants, prepare items to go to charity, scheduled pick up/drop off/trades\charity pick ups at your house etc. *Laundry services are ONLY if the washer and dryer are in the building or unit (I take transit and do not offer laundry outside the building or unit) *if there is a charge per laundry/building you will have to provide proper and exact change to do all laundry needed *you must supply ALL cleaning supplies and things like a working vacuum and broom and dust pan/usable mop or swiffer, usable toilet brush, paper towels etc. *pets must be well behaved in the home and while on walks* ***I will only be booking a couple of these appointments per week and as my schedule allows me to*** *I am also willing to trade for items from my ISO’s for the value of the btz packages* *I do not own the image attached to this post, it was a random image used from an internet image search*