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Thank you, Bunz

Firstly, sorry for another full-text post, but please read through it if you can 😖 At the beginning of this year, I posted here offering pwyc tattoos to help get my things together after losing my home, studio, a few jobs, and more because of an unfortunate event out of my control (one thing immediately led to another, and suddenly I didn't have much). The response from bunz was nothing short of amazing; I wasn't just traded food, btz, and other necessities, but people here outright just offered me things. Someone even offered me a place to live for a month. I was floored, and still am. I almost exclusively used btz for cafés and restaurants for months. I had sandwiches, fresh fruits, drinks, international snacks, and some lovely company quite often. As of this week, I'm now living in an apartment in the neighbourhood I call home (Kensington market), albeit temporarily since its a sublet, and after not tattooing much for months, I wouldn't have been able to get back into it without bunz. I'm grateful and appreciative and I'd like to show that. I'm not only going to have a giveaway like I mentioned before. I'm going to extend my pwyc tattooing to everyone here, which I'll always do for marginalized people anyway, including no minimum charge. That absolutely means you can get a tat for free from me, with no shame about your financial circumstances. Let's say, until September? About my style of tattooing: I don't really stick to a style, I enjoy adapting and I've practiced a huge variety of artforms to help with this. I have a penchant for biophilic design, but I'll be just as comfortable with geometry, abstract, surrealism, reproductions of historical art, semi/realism, illustrative, minimalism/linework, pointilism, and most of whatever else you can think of. Lately I've been doing a lot of flowers and minimalistic figures (I've included some new flash sheets in the photos). Photos are unedited! I'll make a separate post for a larger giveaway, but here are some guidelines and my availability: You must be at least 18 years of age as of the day of your booking. Under extenuating or special circumstances, I may accept guardian consent, liability, and signature (for instance: scar or problematic tattoo cover-ups). I'm open to working on any size and location on the body, but if I get even a fraction of the interest I had from my last post, it would make more sense to go with smaller pieces or anything that would take an hour or less (for reference, I work quickly; anything like the second photo is fair game for sure). I'm open to any use of black, white, and colour. About 70% of my work is just in black ink, but I've noticed an increase in colour requests for summery designs (and from the popularity of colour thanks to premium inks across the colour range that definitely work and last better than older formulae). I'll tattoo on any skin type and tone. I specialize in scar cover-ups and working with marginalized people, and that of course includes PoC. As an enby, scarred PoC, I'll always prioritize marginalized clients. Queer? Get in here. I'll be splitting my work between Kensington market, The Village, The Junction, and Parkdale. That should give you some options for accessibility! Speaking of accessibility: My private space in Kensington is not very accessible, being up 3 flights of stairs. The other 3 studios are on the ground level. I also offer housecalls, as always. I've travelled across Ontario with a bunch of housecalls lined up, but for Toronto I'm generally able to come to you without other bookings nearby (I'll share space requirements accordingly). My availability: Aug. 1-4: Rabbit & Thorn, 2832 Dundas St W (current priority: Aug. 3-4) Aug. 5-9: Kensington/various Aug. 17th onward: various locations depending on the day; I'll update this post as I confirm my spots For any dates not listed, just ask and we'll sort something out! How to book: message me here or on IG My booking form refuses to give me notifications, but I'll manually check it when I can! Thank you 💕 - K