Trade Kidzone in Toronto

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BUNZ 411: Basic Info

Hello Bunz! Thank you for being such an awesome community and checking out my profile. Here is some information to make trading easy. LOCATIONS: Trading at Broadview Station is ideal. But I am open to trading along the Bloor-Yonge line depending on the time, trade, etc. Please ask. RESPONSE: I do my best to respond to messages. Sometimes it takes a while or I can't reply because of my schedule. Apologies in advance. LIKES: I'm having issues seeing likes for some reason. If you like something, please bear in mind that it's hard for me to tell what you're liking. Hence, "like and I'll check your profile" is not an option for me at the moment. MY POSTS: The BTZ listed on each post are to indicate what value of trade I'm seeking; so people can make fair offers. I try to provide as much detail as possible on the items I post, along with photos. Please don't hesitate to ask for more details. The more transparent the communications, the less trading issues there are. On that note, I may request additional information or photos of your items too. TRADING: 1. MUST ACCEPT REVIEW REQUEST BEFORE TRADING. 2. If we are trading items for items/BTZ/tokens, lets find a midpoint. If your item is free, tell me where to pick up. The same applies to my free (#FWATOP) items. 3. Please don't start adding to the trade after we've settled on trading for a certain amount of items. Not only is that un-cool but it's also mad shady. 4. Please don't ask me to bring along all the items you have liked on my profile so you can see them all in person AND THEN decide which one you want to trade for. CANCELLATIONS: My policy with Bunz is quite simple — it's your stuff and you should go with the best trade offer. If you schedule a trade with me and then someone makes you a better offer, tell me you are choosing to go with that better offer. I am 100% okay with that because as I said, it's your stuff. Please don't ghost me after I have started traveling to the meeting spot or already arrived. That's inconsiderate and the TTC costs money. WHEN WE MEET: Recently Bunz has had multiple posts about bad trades. People have also cheated me by trading broken items that could never be detected without me trying to install them. Therefore, when we meet for the trade, I will ask that you carefully inspect the items I am trading and I’ll do the same. This is to guarantee that both parties are happy with the trade. And if it is an item that requires installation, please make sure you've tested it out to confirm it has all the needed parts before trading it with me. ISO: Generally, my ISO philosophy is "it doesn't hurt to ask". I am always open to alcohol and food items (ask me what type of food). TOP ISO: • Black Porcelain Stove Replacement Drip Pans: 6-inch (3) & 8-inch (1) (details in 2nd photo) • HP 61 Black Original Ink Car-tridge (CH561WN): • HP 61 Tri-colour Original Ink Cartridge (CH562WN): • HP 61XL Black High Yield Origi-nal Ink Cartridge (CH563WN): • HP 61XL Tri-colour High Yield Original Ink Cartridge (CH564WN): MID-PRIORITY: • Zojirushi Stainless Steel Vacuum Bottle • OxiClean Versatile Stain Remover 1.36kg • Large cutting mat (FOR FABRIC) • Instant Pot 6 Quart 6-in-1 Multi-Use Electric Pressure Cooker LOW PRIORITY: • Fabric De-Fuzzer • Full length white minor ALWAYS OPEN TO: • Cineplex Vouchers • Optimum Points • White Wine • Toilet Paper • Books: • Tickets to experiences (music/theater/sports) When all else fails, I am open to BTZ and tokens. The only things I don't need or want are beer, clothing, makeup and jewelry. Thank you for stopping by! #ISO #ISOs #InSearchOf