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Mulberry Silk Night Pillow

Called “the most comfortable pillow in the world” by celebrities, influencers and customers alike, the NIGHT Pillow™ features air light memory foam that self-adjusts to support every sleep position. The custom-fit mulberry silk pillowcase supports healthy, youthful skin and hair. The signature midnight black color negates light for deeper, more restorative sleep. The TriSilk™ pillowcase featured on the NIGHT Pillow™ is a proprietary blend of 95% Mulberry silk, never before used in bedding and sourced from couture wedding gowns suppliers, and 5% spandex, added to increase durability and reduce bunching. This custom-developed formula is naturally hypoallergenic and makes for the most breathable, comfortable, gentle surface to rest your head. Supports Clear, Youthful Skin Silk protects against environmental allergens, including dust mites, mold, and fungus, from settling on your pillow and clogging your pores. And, unlike other sleep surface materials (looking at you cotton), silk does not strip your skin of the moisture it so desperately needs to keep rocking that fresh to death, youthful glow. Boosts Healthier, Shinier Hair The bed head struggle is real. And the concept of wrapping hair in a silk scarf to wake up with gorgeous locks is an O.G. beauty secret. The NIGHT Pillow™ sleep product takes this time trusted beauty trick to the next level by providing delicate treatment to your hair fibers, which otherwise results in stripping of essential oils and breakage. It's the ultimate way to show your hair some love. —— —— Got this as a birthday gift. I’m not a fan of memory foam pillows and the silk pillow case was too small to fit my main pillow (it’s listed as standard/queen but it’s fitted for the foam pillow it comes with)so just didn’t end up using it for my head. I stuffed the pillow in a dust and waterproof case and put a matching pillow cover on it and used it to prop my other pillows on the bed for better back support when sitting up. Retails for over $200, take for a board game or something on iso~ Iso only please, don’t need anything else. #silk#pillow#bed