Trade Games in Ottawa

Trade for new and used items, like Games, in Ottawa. Earn BTZ to buy and sell on Bunz, or to spend on coffee, groceries and more at local businesses. Help us support sustainable trade in Ottawa

Here's what I'm looking to trade my stuff for:

-clothes in sizes xs/s or 0/2 (especially petite length stuff, inseam 27"-28" for pants) I'm most into styles that are asymmetric and funky. I love over-sized buttons, lots of zippers, cut outs, lots of straps, and origami pleats. I'm especially looking for asymmetric pants! Like with a ruffle down one leg, one leg fitted and one leg flared, or legs of different lengths (in a stylish and chic way, not in a "the tailor made a mistake" way, lol). I'm also looking for casual dresses in brands like Toad & Co (formerly called Horny Toad) (XS only), Lole (XS or S), Royal Robbins (XS only), Nau (XS only), and Prana (XS or S). Also any Neon Buddha piece (XS only). Will also trade for unique looking workout tops or bottoms (capris or shorts, no pants) in close to new condition. I love pieces from the brand Karma Athletics (I'm a Medium in most of their tops). -shoes in sizes 5 or 5.5 Again, I like a bit unusual and funky. Brands I like are Fluevog, Miz Mooz, Fly London, and Lola Ramona. -also looking for Nike Free Trainers (Sneakers) in size 5.5 or 6. So the ones with horizontal, vertical, and diagonal lines on the soles. Nike Free Runs (with just horizontal and vertical lines) would be ok too, but I would prefer the Trainers. -I love most heels and wedges by Crocs (no original clog Crocs please) size 5. -authentic designer bags (no fakes or replicas please) in brands like Michael Kors, Coach, Kate Spade, and Marc Jacobs. I wouldn't mind a Louis Vuitton or Gucci either, lol. -purses that look like other objects (like a purse that looks like a slice of pizza with all the toppings, or a carton of milk, etc.) -Halloween costumes in size xs/s and Halloween accessories Especially looking for Alice in Wonderland, Snow White, Princess Peach (from Super Mario Bros.), and the Queen of Hearts. I already have a huge collection of costumes, but if I don't already have it, I'll likely be interested :) -cool and unusual hair accessories, like a hair clip that looks like some liquorice allsorts or a slice of cheese, or a fascinator with fruit on it. Actually, I love all fascinators. I'm also looking for fascinator bases to make my own fascinator. -sterling silver jewellery (ring sizes 3.25 to 5, necklaces 14"-16", bracelets 5.5" to 6.5", no body jewellery) -quirky scarves (like with pizza slices on them, or pieces of sushi, etc.) -makeup (brand new and still sealed only, please) No parabens and no soy in the ingredients. -perfume miniatures (mini bottles, not vials) -card games (I'm especially looking for Guillotine, and Love Letter) -board games (not so much the traditional mainstream ones, but more indie ones or ones found at places like Mrs. Tiggy Winkles, The Hairy Tarantula, etc.) -Gameboy Advance games, also a Gameboy Advance SP 101 unit (the newer brighter one, not the original 100), any colour. -hex dumbbells (35lbs, 40lbs, 45lbs, or 50lbs) -parallel dip bars -Oil blotting sheets (the plastic-like ones like from Clean and Clear, not the paper-like ones like from Boscia) -Parchment paper -Too Faced Shadow Insurance eyeshadow primer -if you don't have any of the above items and really want to trade, I'm always looking for coffee k-cups, shampoo, dishwasher pods, and gluten-free and soy-free snacks, if you happen to have some lying around -I'm only interested in trading for goods, no services. Thanks for taking the time to read my wishlist :)