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Things To Post (Soon) Updated May 2020

Maybe this will motivate me to actually take pictures so I can post them. - package of dog diapers ( - 1 or 2) - rubber boots for doggo - Brent Weeks Night Angel trilogy box set (trade paperbacks) - Roger Zelazny Chronicles of Amber books (~10 vintage trade paperbacks) - cosmetics samples - teal converse that are too big for me 7-7.5 ish - cute wedges size 6-7 ish - blue play structure thing (soft hexagon playpen fence ish?) - brand new in box light blue mermaid tail blanket - single / twin grey microfiber fitted sheet in very good used condition - unconventional commercial quality clothing rack (still requires new photos) - damaged hand cart (convertible moving dolly/ truck) requiring 2 new tires - Slappy Salmon - Diplomacy (still sealed) - Flat screen TV with HDMI port that works as a second monitor ~20" ish. Will measure. Not HD. - coleus - toothpaste from herb and spice wellness shop - Erythritol that someone was looking for - that old kombucha scoby for free / for advice - those new placemats I didn't return to Winners in early March before everything went crazy - brand new wool socks from Christmas that are too big for my size 6.5 ish feet - foot warmers (like those hand warmers) from Christmas - small wooden 3D puzzle - silicone cupping set in excellent used condition (I couldn't use them on my own back so I bought the other kind with the suction hand trigger thing) - armful of miscellaneous yarn and things in a kitchen garbage bag - AG tech two shampoo (has wheat in it?!?!) remaining in 1L bottle - misc. hangers - karaoke machine and mic - giant coffee dispenser thing (rectangular and tall and narrow and deep with a spout and made of thermos material) - new body shop bath pillow - new body shop smooth cloth thing (folded in quarters) that's soft when wet Older things I still haven't gotten around to posting... - Fancy self tanner - unopened -> St Tropez? I'll check - Light bulbs for himalayan salt lamps (I bought a package) - glass bathroom shelf - maybe 1.5' x 6" - wrapping paper galore - fancy cat litter that changes colour based on the ph of your cat's urine - Royal Blue Parka - Size L? Will check. Excellent used condition. - Pajar winter boots -> tall white expedition-type winter boots. Worn very rarely over two winters because they are a bit too small for me. I was hoping they would stretch. Very good used condition. Some superficial dirt from the snow I can wipe off. -> (Size 6? Will check). Would better fit a half size or size down because the height towards the middle of the foot, just below your toes (between the toes and right above where your foot arch starts) it is short/seems tight (vertically). -> You are welcome to try them on - some kitchen storage jars / large containers -> I have to admit I have too many since some are being stored *empty* - Several glass cylinder anchor food containers with lids in multiple sizes - A completely full bin of "women's" clothing -> primarily size Small & Medium dresses & TONS of Circle Skirts -> Also some tops and some "women's" dress pants (I can check sizes on the dress pants) -> It will be hard to take photos of all the clothes and may take a while / until I have help - collapsible laundry basket - wooden thing to help you remove your shoes (I don't know the name) - watch batteries (also work in some bathroom scales) Everything is from a cat and dog friendly home. Artist: Natalie Dee