Trade Comics in Montreal

Trade for new and used items, like Comics, in Montreal. Earn BTZ to buy and sell on Bunz, or to spend on coffee, groceries and more at local businesses. Help us support sustainable trade in Montreal


Service: Use My Studio Workspace!

Want to do something artsy but lack tools, or just can't get anything done at home? Swing by my studio apartment for a bit and see if working away from home helps! Features: - Metal Brother sewing machine, with a secondary, slightly more modern sewing machine if we need more than a straight stitch. - A crazy amount of markers, pencil crayons, artist pencils - A beaten down drawing table that still has some life in it - Tools for sewing - Watercolor supplies, oil Painting supplies, acrylics - Plenty of scrap cloth, scrap paper, spare thread - wool & knitting supplies - A large scale scanner - A mediocre printer - Access to Photoshop, Clipstudio Paint, A Cintiq Tablet - 1 Embroidery Hoop, some embroidery thread - so many pastels, chalk or oil - An alarming amount of beads - Two cats, one of which may judge you at any moment - Tea and coffee on request - Art books, comic books for perusing - some sculpting clay - A shockingly large kitchen Supplies may switch around and change over time. This home is smoke free, but has very fluffy cats. You're guaranteed to be covered in some fur by the end of it. Home is Queer-friendly, run by a chaotic-neutral Nonbinary person. Trade expectation is around 1500 BTZ per hour, or equivalent. I also accept trades in the form of services: Bringing or making food, helping with cleaning, etc. Name your trade! Art supplies for art supplies are also good trades. Usual availability is 7pm onwards weekdays, with a limit of 11pm or so. Weekends are from noon to 11pm. I request at least a day or two before requesting a trade-visit. Let's talk and figure it out in pms! I'll try my best to respond as soon as I can.