Trade Books in Montreal

Trade for new and used items, like Books, in Montreal. Earn BTZ to buy and sell on Bunz, or to spend on coffee, groceries and more at local businesses. Help us support sustainable trade in Montreal

Random stuff (ask me about any items in this list)

** Note: If you are interested in anything in this list, message me and I will then create a separate listing for it for Bunz trade.** OFFICE & WRITING SUPPLIES: • Pens, markers, highlighters, etc. • Computer labels sheets • No-lick envelopes; postage stamps, manila envelopes • 3-ring binders (thick/thin), plastic binder sleeves, binder separators • File folders (letter/legal) • Print-your-own business card sheets, card stock sheets, magnetic stick-on sheets • 3 x Accounting file boxes (legal size) with closing lid and carry handle • 3 x Plastic sturdy file boxes (letter size) with closing lid and carry handle HOME CLEANING & GROOMING: • Listerine mouthwash - unopened/security seal intact (500 ml bottle, amber color) - gone: "Clorox Clean-up" Disinfectant Bleach Cleaner - gone: "La Parisienne" Bleach (1/2 of 1.89 litre bottle) • "Easy-Off" Fume-Free Oven Cleaner • "Wilson" Home Pest Control spray (1/2 of 1-litre bottle, from Canadian Tire) - gone: Indoor/Outdoor Insect Dust (diatomaceous earth) • WD-40 (1/2 of spray can) KITCHEN & LIVING ROOM: • Wooden coffee table (hand-made, two-tone) • Microwave oven glass platter • Rice cooker - gone: Tonic Water (1-litre, unopened) • Jägermeister herb liquor (35% alcohol) 750 ml bottle (full except for 2 shots worth) - gone: Popping corn kernels (850 g; 3/4 full) - gone: Brown Basmati Rice ("Dunya Indian Gourmet"; 5 lbs, expires 2020) • Various baking dishes & pans • White sugar (bag) AUDIO, VIDEO, GAME, & COMPUTER: • Video DVDs: general & kids • Old-style red/blue 3-D movie glasses • Music CDs: mostly classical, some pop • Books • Video games • Video game equipment • Various audio, video, console • Desktop computers (PC) • Desktop computer and monitor power cords • Computer components & parts AUTO, GARAGE, & STORAGE: • Car battery charger • Car rechargeable spotlight/emergency light (2,000,000 candle power) - gone: Bungee chords - gone: Bubble wrap - gone: Large ziplock bags - gone: Space saving ziplock bags (connects to vacuum cleaner to suck out the air) • Empty coffee jars (washed, with caps; labels have been completely removed) • Pills vials (various shapes and sizes) • Scrap wood: various shapes and sizes (for shelves, supports, furniture reinforcements, raising supporting legs) HARDWARE, PLUMBING, UTILITY: • Casters of various types (for putting things on wheels) • Furniture feet (to protect from scratching floor) • Metal rods (for curtains, etc.) • Venetian blind (white, brand new, can be cut to width) gone: Plastic 2-step folding step ladder (max 17 in. high) • Scews (for wood) • Knobs (for replacing drawer knobs) • Bolts (for securing futons; for missing furniture pieces) • Shower head • Bathroom sink replacement faucet (single spout; separate hot/cold knobs) • Rope, string, wire of various thicknesses