What is BUNZ?

Bunz Trading Zone, (known to many simply as “Bunz” now) has come quite a long way since founder Emily Bitze started it back in 2013. The community has grown, evolved and the Bunz sharing economy has even began infiltrating cities across the globe. What started out as one woman’s idea to get some food, is now a team of rad people who are dedicated to building a great home for the Bunz community. The team has been humbled by the support and enthusiasm of people from all over.

This brings us to the very important question…WHAT IS BUNZ ANYWAY? This post is meant to help you better understand who we are, what we are doing and what we have planned for the future.

Yeah! What is Bunz? 🕵

You can answer that question a number of different ways. It really depends on if you’re talking about our 200+ Facebook groups or the Bunz App (also on the App Store & Google Play), or if you are referring to BUNZ in its current state or talking about where we are going in the future with it… Everyone seems to have a different idea of what we are up to, so I thought it would be a good time to answer your questions.

Here is a short list of the ways I’ve heard people describe Bunz;

  • Bunz is a trading and barter platform
  • Bunz is a social City Network
  • Bunz is a peer-to-peer recycling program
  • Bunz is like Facebook, for strangers
  • Bunz is a Craigslist / Kijiji killer
  • Bunz is a place to meet new people
  • Bunz is all of the above

So which one is it? 🤔

Bunz is essentially a City Network. Although it’s true that Bunz is a local trading platform right now on the app, it’s more than that in the “Bunziverse”, as we call it. When you look at our Bunz Facebook communities you see that it really is bigger than trading things — it’s a place to find a job, to get an apartment or roommate, to share rides, talk to other local people that share your interests, to ask for help from others and meet interesting people.

Bunz is a sum of its parts, and in aggregate, it’s bigger than trading things. We are working really hard to catch up to this with bunz.com, and it’s going to take some time, but we are on the right path to getting there. We are really stoked because we think Bunz can become a new kind of relationship to each other that didn’t exist before — it brings people together based on the city you reside in, and the needs we share.

Why did you create an app for Bunz? 📱

The answer to that one is really simple. Bunz will forever be subject to the framework/limitations of Facebook if we didn’t build it a platform of its own; we wanted to unlock what is possible, so we got to work on building it. For Bunz to reach its full potential it needed to become its own thing. That means a lot of really hard work for us, but we find tons of encouragement in the support of the Bunz community. We are really focused on making Bunz into something you absolutely love using and want to share with others.

What kinda things are available on the Bunz App? 📺 👠 👗 🕶 🍍 🚴

All the things! You can pretty much use it to find anything could want… People have traded pretty much anything you can think of, we have even seen 30ft sailboats, sports cars, and other really surprising things.

How are you funding Bunz? 💰 💰 💰

We are VC-backed, and have received funding from a small group of silent angel investors. 👏 We are super humbled and excited to have the opportunity to pursue our vision for building a city network, the future is bright!

So how is it going so far? 🚀🤘

We are off to a great start and have a lot of work ahead of us to realize our vision. To date, the Bunz app has seen 1.5 million items, 14 million personal messages, and over 300,000 trades have been completed.

Take a look for yourself! We built a tool that lets us see what Bunz actually looks like overlaid on a map — You’re looking at Toronto with Bunz posts from 2016 alone. It looks alive, like a virus, doesn’t it? Dozens of other cities are starting to light up the map, and we are carefully watching the growth to understand more about how this idea is spreading.

How will Bunz make money? 💸 💵

We have some big and crazy ideas around how Bunz can make money, and in order to sustain ourselves the answer is yes. However, right now we are only focused on building an amazing product. This is probably one of the most common questions we get asked… I think most people are asking this with the context of Bunz being a cashless, trade-only app. For us, Bunz is way bigger than just trading things, so we don’t let that limit the possibilities of what Bunz will become in the future.

I love Bunz and want to get involved, how can I help? 👯 😻

Reach out to us, as we are always looking for community leaders in new cities. You can drop an email to [email protected] and the team will get you all the information you need.

What’s the best part of working at Bunz? 😜 🎉

Working with our team at HQ is the best. They rule. It’s definitely organized chaos at times, but it’s almost always fun. They are extremely talented and motivated people who are passionate about Bunz and building our vision. They are also hilarious and love to laugh. Cracking jokes and trolling each other is how we get through the tough days. We are constantly learning from each other. We also love meeting people from the community! We have met so many awesome people through Bunz and they have been a huge inspiration for us.

Who’s on the Bunz Team? 👪 👪 👨‍👩‍👧 👨‍👩‍👦‍👦

We’re one big family here at HQ… meet the gang:

Jamin (jumanjji on the app), QA LEAD // Kanghee (raylee4204 on the app), ANDROID DEVELOPER // Ayaz (ayazv on the app), MARKETING

Matthias (melomat on Bunz), iOS DEVELOPER // Paul (cerebrous on Bunz), COO // Aubrey (aubreyj on Bunz), GROWTH LEAD

Emily (daggerdebb on Bunz), FOUNDER // Eythan (tradepapi on Bunz), PRODUCT DESIGN // Perry (perry on Bunz), CTO

Eli (shmee on Bunz), PUBLICITY & PARTNERSHIPS // Eddie (arcq on Bunz), WEB DEVELOPER // Sascha (zerocool on Bunz), CEO

Rishabh (rishabh on Bunz), CPO // Ahad (potatozero on Bunz), CO-OP STUDENT // Julian (canuc747 on Bunz), DEVELOPER

Amy (aharpstagram on Bunz), COMMUNITY & CONTENT MANAGER // Kohji (Kohji on Bunz), PODCAST PRODUCER // Bird, DOG

What’s in the future for Bunz 🔮 ✨

We don’t to try to predict the future, we just pay close attention to our community and work hard as a team — that’s our magic formula right now. The future isn’t something we are trying to predict, it’s something we are trying to make.

-Sascha Mojtahedi, CEO

Updated October 2017

  1. I thought I already left a comment, but it doesn’t appear to have stuck. Is this the whole Bunz team? Why are there only two women in a female founded company? Why are all the C level positions men?

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