Why I celebrate Christmas

“Silent night, holy night, all is calm all is bright.”

If you’re like me, you can sing this with your eyes closed. You probably started singing it in a gymnasium, to an audience packed as tight as sardines. I grew up Catholic; I knew the story of the baby Jesus, and the exact time to put on my holiday best and pile into the car if we wanted seats at Christmas mass. But one Christmas, my first as a Baptist, it became something more.

I was living in Florida (NOT somewhere you expect to find Christmas), and dating an American boy with Southern Baptist roots. I envisioned the usual stockings, holiday gatherings and “under the mistletoe” moments. Hallmark has done a good job of inferring that chopping down your own tree is a “Christmas Must Do”, so we found a farm and made a date of it. We drove for a bit singing along when a song I didn’t know, Mary Did You Know, came on. My boyfriend teared up and I chuckled.

“Have you ever thought about it? About her?” he said his voice a bit angry.

I hadn’t.

“She is younger than you, engaged and pregnant. But it’s so much more than that.”

We walked to the tree and we didn’t talk about it, but I thought about it. I thought about Mary, wandering in the night, dreary and cold, with the physical and emotional pressure weighing on her. What had it been like? When we found the tree I imagined the wise men and following a star, not knowing the destination, but trusting. That night changed forever how I listen to and sing Christmas songs focusing on the deeper story.

Another tradition I have always enjoyed is the holiday feast. I have fond memories all the way back to my childhood, including one of my father throwing a flaming fondue pot out in the snow as the table suddenly caught fire. The same year I learned to actually listen to Christmas songs, I attended my first Southern Baptist Christmas feast. If there is one thing southerners do it is eat. Good lord! Every meat you’ve ever imagined and sides you’ve never heard of all sit before you. But the first Christmas in the south I added a new tradition to my Christmas celebration. Sitting beside my boyfriend with a plate piled with food his father stood at the head of the table.

“Who would like to do the honours”

I was nervous his father would pick me. I didn’t really know how a Baptist prayed.

His grandfather stood and cleared his throat.

“I bring you GOOD NEWS of great joy that will be for ALL people.”

I may not have known the prayer, but I knew the bible verse.

He continued, “Think” he said. “Think of every word.” Afterwards the family went around and discussed how Christmas was both the most sacred, and the first Christmas gift. How with all the variation in the world it was something we all shared, or could share if we were open to it. In all the years as a Christian, I hadn’t focused on that particular line. It’s now underlined in my bible. Most of my family and friends aren’t religious so it’s not as public, but now before I celebrate and join in on Christmas meals I reflect on more than the food.

I think my favourite part of the holiday season and a tradition I always look forward to is giving. Not just giving gifts but giving my time. Living in the busy city I am often rushing here, there and everywhere and I can get a bit jaded. But for a few years now I have treasured one Christmas night that reminded me how simple a gift of time can be. I made volunteering a part of that Christmas. Attending a holiday dinner where a choir sang, children danced and plates were full. But, this holiday dinner was different. The food was the same but those around the table were people I didn’t normally gather with — they were people I often rushed past. At the end I stepped into the chill that is a Canadian Christmas. In my hand were the last of the candy canes. “Want em?” I asked, holding them out to a nervous man who looked everywhere but back at me. “Sure. Might distract me from the cold under the bridge.” I must have chuckled as he looked back. “You stop feeling your toes in weather like this. Need somethin’ to distract ya.” That night I was made aware that this was the man’s only holiday meal. Christmas I realized can incredibly lonely for those without a home and loved ones. So now every year in December I seek out ways to get involved. A dinner to serve at, singing carols along the streets of Parkdale or maybe even picking up an extra holiday cup of coffee and passing it to someone who might not have a reason to feel so holly and jolly at Christmas. Giving back has become just as special as the gifts under the tree.

I’m not perfect. I still get wrapped up in the holiday hustle. But as I grow so do my traditions. I think about the songs, I think about the words of the Christmas story and I try to see a little bit more of the sparkle and magic of Christmas in even the most unexpected places and faces.

Do They Know It’s Chrismukkah?

Seth Cohen may have named Chrismukkah during The O.C.’s first season back in 2003, but the half-Jewish high-school hipster’s made-up super-holiday — “eight days of presents, followed by one day of many presents!” — was already a tradition in my family.

Now I did marry a lapsed Catholic and we made ourselves a tiny half-Jew — albeit one who prefers “Despacito” to Death Cab — but my mashup celebration long predates his existence. Though fully Jewish myself, I grew up as one of the few in my west coast beach town so it would’ve been cruel and unusual punishment if all our classmates got Christmas except my sister and I.

In fact, the town was so small that my acting teacher father was enlisted to play Santa down at our local community center. He explained away his red suit and white beard by claiming he was employed by St. Nick. I didn’t even have to write letters to Santa — my Jewish dad just picked up the rotary-dial phone and called in my wish list to the North Pole. (In hindsight, his lack of concern over the long-distance charges should’ve been a dead giveaway. Also, the dial tone.)

But unlike my friends and classmates, we had Hanukkah, too. We lit the menorah, said the prayers, spun the dreidel and ate all the latkes, gefilte fish, matzoh ball soup, challah and chocolate gelt. We didn’t actually do eight days of presents, but our best present was always reserved for the first night’s feast while the many presents were opened Christmas morning after a night by the trimmed tree reading The Grinch Who Stole Christmas and singing carols

It was a perfect Chrismukkah compromise.

And it was an especially important one because, well, Hanukkah on its own is kinda meh. If not for its proximity to Christmas, we wouldn’t pay it much mind and, until recently, we didn’t. In the wake of the Holocaust, American Jewry saw in this minor holiday an opportunity to strengthen their religion and culture by reducing “Christmas envy” — so in the 1950s they started emphasizing its celebration and, most importantly for kids, added presents.

The reason it was minor is that it’s not even in the bible. The rebellion it commemorates is recounted in the Books of the Maccabees, part of the non-canonical scriptures known as the Apocrypha which Jews banished back in the day but remain largely accepted by Catholic and Orthodox Churches.

As the story goes, Judah Maccabee led a religious insurgency in Greek-run Syria between 167–164 B.C. — albeit one that began as a Jewish civil warbetween fundamentalists and assimilationists. Hebrew holy warriors eventually reclaimed Jerusalem, only to discover one day’s worth of holy oil left in the temple after it had been trashed by its occupiers. But that oil burned for eight days, the amount of time it took to press and purify more. That’s it, that’s the whole miracle. Not exactly up there with Passover’s exodus from bondage thanks to a burning bush, ten plagues and the parting of the Red Sea with the Ten Commandments arriving as denouement.

Christmas also only has the one miracle, but the virgin birth of the son of God is pretty big — I mean, they did name a whole religion after this long-haired SJW born to homeless refugees — and bringing in the jolly, gift-giving, sleigh-riding secular Santa Claus really takes it over the top.

But Chrismukkah is the Reese Peanut Butter Cup of holidays. We use it to show our bi-cultural kid the best of both celebrations of ritual, tradition and family while hanging driedel and Star of David ornaments on the tree. Sure, Chrismukkah is a “pretend” holiday virgin-birthed from pop-culture. But what matters to us is our kid gets to light the candles, play dreidel, eat Jewish food and take pride in the minority half of his heritage while also waking up Christmas morning to many presents.

A Self-Loving Jew Christmas

Editor’s note: A month ago, we reached out to the Bunz community with a simple question: what do you celebrate over the holiday season and why? Over the next two weeks we’ll be sharing some of their answers.

First up, ‘A Self Loving Jew Christmas’ by cartoonist and graphic designer (and of course, self loving Jew), Jonathan Rotsztain.

The Make Up Round Up: the best of make up on Bunz this week

The Make Up Round Up: the best of make up on Bunz this week

Maybe it’s Maybelline… or maybe you got it on Bunz. Makeup is all about feeling amazing, whether that means a full face or a signature red lip, the Bunz app is a hub for trading all kinds of makeup. Need some new makeup without breaking the bank? Check out our favourite makeup finds from this week:

  1. This FENTY BEAUTY SAMPLE SET!11!!!!!1!1!!!!!!!!1111!!!!!

Rihanna. Fenty. Beauty. Queen. Riri. Need I say more? She stormed onto the scene and became the force behind one of the most successful makeup launches of all time. There was even talk in the Bunz Makeup Zone Facebook group of rebranding to Fenty Beauty Zone. Her line is inclusive of all skin tones, she is a complete badass, and she has designed makeup by and for people of colour. She is also Rihanna.

2. This brand new NudeStix matte lipstick

I am that person who applies most of their makeup in Ubers or on the TTC because I want an extra 10 minutes of sleep. A lot of the time this leaves me feeling like this:

This is where Nudestix comes in: easy, quick makeup for the average person who loves low-effort, high-impact beauty. The colour on this lipstick is killer and the application is just as great.

3. This holographic highlighting stick from Milk Makeup

Clearly I enjoy makeup in stick form, and this highlighting stick is no exception. The possibilities are endless. Realized that your ex is on the same streetcar? Whip out your highlighter stick. Job interview? Highlighter stick. Striking fear into the hearts of your enemies? Highlighter stick. This is another low-effort, high-impact product that’s great on the go.

“What highlighter are you using, Fry?”

4. This Nars Velvet Matte Skin Tint

Want to look like a flawless cherub right out of a Michelangelo painting? This is the good shit. It has a cult following for a reason — if you can’t justify the price tag, why not trade for it?

I bet Lucy Liu uses Velvet Skin Tint

5. This Maybelline SuperStay Matte Lip Ink

I love a good red lip. You love a good red lip. We have so much in common! Trade for this liquid lipstick that’s quickly become a staple in so many people’s makeup collections. It’s supposed to be smudge-proof, so you can kiss puppies without staining their fur. I have puppy tested it, it works.

You could kiss puppies, too!

6. This Bite Beauty lip gloss

Gone are the days of Lip Smackers (sadly), but it’s ok, this Bite Beauty Creme Lipgloss is here to save the day. It says “I love to have fun!!!!!” but also “I am a semi-functioning adult!”. Life is all about balance.


Make like Heisenberg and win yourself a pair of Jenny Bird earrings or a set of Urban Decay Naked Palettes — because makeup is good, but free makeup is better. Check out the link to find out how to win it!

And that’s all for this week, Bunz. This is by no means an exhaustive list of amazing things on the Bunz app, but it’s a collection of a few things worth sharing. Want me to include an item next week? Think I missed anything? Think this list is great? Think this list sucks? Let me know!

The Bunz Flea Holiday Gift Guide

The Bunz Flea is unique market of local vendors who accept both cash and trade. This means you can browse the vendor’s ISO lists before hand, see if you have any of the items they’re trading for and walk out of the Flea with everything on your gifting list.

To help you get a head start, we’ve highlighted some notoriously hard-to-gift people in your life and paired them with a few of our favourite vendors!

What to get for…

The parent in law:

Chances are the only thing you know about your in-laws is that their child is the centre of their universe, even if their ‘child’ is actually a 33-year-old adult. Maybe they still compare you to the ghosts of exes past, or maybe they’re perfectly normal and not at all passive aggressive. Regardless, their gifts need to be thoughtful without being overly specific.

Here are some ideas…

  1. Handmade soaps from Corktown Soap:
  2. Home baked treats from Aint She Sweet
  3. Custom coasters from Carte Blanche Creations
  4. Soy candles from Sara’s Soaps and Candles

The new relationship:

You like them. But do you like like them? Pro tip: the grand gesture almost exclusively works in Hollywood rom coms. IRL, new relationship gifting can be fraught with insecurity and terror. Go for something personal, but that won’t be a constant reminder of heartbreak should the relationship go south.

  1. A stained glass creation from Acorn Studios
  2. Minimalist, up-cylced jewelry from Jennifer Rong Designs
  3. Custom artwork from Matty Plays with Paper
  4. Fun and unique plant holders from Modern Plant Life

The friend who has everything:

We all have that one friend: they mention an interest in an item and 24 hours later, they’ve acquired it. This is where one of a kind items are a hit — something that’s in line with their tastes but you know they can’t get anywhere else.

  1. Super unique furniture from ASHHCollective, made locally and out of reclaimed materials.
  2. Indigenous made art by Sticks n Bones
  3. Bath and body products from not that generic mall brand. Aka: Bartholomew Sisters
  4. Cool embroidered art work by Femme Floss featuring anything from your favourite Drake lyrics to a feminist unicorn.

The fashionista:

This person lives and breathes fashion and has their own, perfectly curated style, an aesthetic, even. With a great aesthetic comes great responsibility, and with great responsibility comes a great gift-giving struggle. Their Instagram is your best friend! Are they more minimalist? Do they make an ugly sweater look like a runway item? Whatever it is, local designers probably have it, and the fashionista will definitely love it.

  1. Hand crafted jewelry from Priestess
  2. Custom necklaces from Lumos and Nox
  3. Sassy patches to adorn their fave jacket from Really, Man?
  4. Vintage fashion from Unsanctioned All-Shop and Trading Zone

The coworker who you barely know but picked in a secret Santa draw:

Nothing says ‘happy holidays’ like being obligated to find a gift for that person who you make weird eye contact with in the elevator but avoid conversing with at all costs. Gift cards are boring, and you’re definitely not boring. You want something that shows your cool factor but is still generic enough that it’s acceptable for both Karen in accounting and Jean-Paul in graphic design.

  1. A set of magnets and buttons from Be Awesome
  2. Striking botany from Morihana
  3. A watercolour and hand lettered mug from Mumbleweeds
  4. Original art with and cross-sitches from Tami Draws Stuff

Get your trades ready and don’t forget to RSVP for the Bunz Flea: Holiday Edition !

💕 See you there,


🖌 Illustrations by Adam Waito

Cozy Bunz — this week’s coziest home trades…

Winter is coming! And with winter comes an unrelenting desire for all things cozy, so we’ve rounded up some of our favourite cozy trades in this handy listicle for your trading pleasure. Check ’em out!

  1. This Saje Diffuser


I don’t think anything screams ‘cozy’ more than your favourite scents filling up the room, the real kicker is that it’s also gorgeous and doesn’t look at all like the kind of thing your grandmother uses for her sinuses. Pro-tip: do not try to inhale the steam, it doesn’t taste as good as it smells.

2. This dual plant care and DIY book


I’m the kind of person who loves the idea of plants, but am a certified plant serial killer — if you’re anything like me, this book is for you! If you’re dreaming of a green winter, why not trade for this rad book to know how to take care of your plants? And if you’re really feeling adventurous, you can learn how to make your own terrarium!

3. These sick-as-hell handmade homewares


I will admit that this is the first time I’ve ever used the word “homewares” and it was for a worthy cause! This talented Bun hand-makes jewellery holders, succulent pots, and ring cones — just to name a few of many items they can craft up. Whether you want to give these as gifts or hoard them for yourself, we won’t judge.

4. This vintage red couch that looks perfect for your Bunz


Look at this couch. Just look at it. Now imagine yourself in a fleece robe draped across it watching your eighth consecutive hour of Mind Hunter. Imagine spilling wine on the couch and not freaking out because the couch is also red so the wine will blend right in. What I’m trying to say here is that this couch looks like the kind of couch you could live in, and what better way to stay cozy than to never leave your home?

5. These posters that you can get for FREE. That’s right. Free. Because we love you.


Week one of five Win It Wednesdays! Treat yo’self! Or someone else! Or both! The possibilities are endless. Empty walls? Fear no more! We got you! Check out our post to find out how to enter to win it.

And that’s about it for this week’s home highlights — think we missed something cool? Let us know!

xo Bunz HQ

Gifts at 100% off retail price?

Gifting Season is upon us…. as are the pressures of holiday spending!

Did you know that the average Canadian spends $1.68 for every dollar they make? Consumer debt is the worst, so is the mall and so are the thoughtless gifts your best friend’s brother’s girlfriend’s uncle bought you (a Keg gift certificate?! For a vegan?! C’mon Jim, we’ve been over this).


Why spend money you don’t have? Use Bunz to get what you need! It’s the key to getting great gift-able items, while also helping you offload some of last year’s gifts that you never got around to opening.

If you have brand new, or like-new items that would make great gifts for others, help get them into the eager hands of your fellow Bunz!

Make your posts easy to find by updating your item description to include the hashtag #GiftIt and watch those items fly into the hands of your fellow Bunz.

There’s a number of other hashtags that can also indicate the gift-worthiness of your items, here’s a few to consider adding as well:

#BNIB / #BNIP = Brand New In Box/Package

#BNWT = Brand New With Tags

#EUC = Excellent Used Condition

#TRUETRADE = expresses a willingness to trade only from what’s already on your profile

Connect with other members this Holiday season and help each other get by!

Yes, you could gift a bike, through Bunz!

Stay tuned this week and be sure to follow @bunzofficial in the app, as we’ll be giving you multiple opportunities to GIFT YOURSELF with some amazing prizes! To qualify, get aboard with the above advice and tag at least one of your items with #GiftIt!

Good day and good Bunzing!


ps: In case you missed it, one Bun is trying for a 100% Bunz $0 Christmas. Follow her journey and join her story!

Taylee Saves Christmas!

Meet Taylee.

Taylee is a dancer, designer, foodie, unicorn hair haver…and most importantly, a fellow Bun who is always on the hunt for a good trade. Taylee is a self described recovering shopaholic and uses trading for items on Bunz as her rehab

Last month, Taylee tweeted something that caught our eye:

We know this has happened before…but, could lightning strike twice?!

We brought Taylee into the office and decided we had to document this journey!

The mission: get everything on her Christmas list by sourcing them on Bunz over the next five weeks.

Taylee is going to be checking in with us every Monday to let us know how it’s going. Make sure you follow us on Instagram and Twitter and follow the hashtag #TinselTayls to see what she’s up to.

✔️WEEK 2 update here!

The 10 Commandments of Bunz

The #bunziverse can be a wonderful, magical, yet tricky place to navigate. Seasoned traders have been mapping their journeys with steady dedication for years, while new traders float in daily with anxious enthusiasm. When I joined Bunz a year ago I set a personal challenge to complete 365 trades in 365 days and it was an amazing experience. As I completed more trades and interacted with hundreds of other buns, I developed some best practices that helped improve the volume, quality and ease of my trades.

Here are the lessons that I’ve learned – may they help everyone trade better, faster, kinder and with more joy!

  1. Thou shalt have no other social media before me.


Commitment to your #bunzgoals takes time, effort and dedication. Checking your Bunz app needs to be a natural and daily occurrence, just like checking your FB or Insta feed.

● Sign up for chat & like notifications to your device. (Not receiving notifications? Contact @bunzofficial for custom troubleshooting.)

● Follow people you’ve traded with for repeat trades, or follow new people whose profiles interest you.

● Going shopping? Use the Bunz search tool for keywords like “blanket scarf” or “dish rack” first. You might be able to trade for that item at a fraction of the retail cost.

2. Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image which is not accurate or descriptive.

It may seem obvious to you what you’re trading – a plant is a plant. This is where it helps to think like a marketer / salesperson.

Imagine if menus looked like this:

“Food. Comes with stuff on the side.”


Hmm, not super appealing, right?

● Describe your items in detail, including size, colour, age, any wear, damage, and purchase place (if known).

● Be clear and upfront in your description. It’s much better to be honest about any flaws first, instead of having someone be unpleasantly surprised or disappointed afterwards and express that in a negative review.

● Be clever, creative or unique in your descriptions to grab attention.

● Use relevant hashtags like #truetrades, #homezone or #BNWT (brand new with tags) so people can search your item with various terms & categories.

3. Thou shalt not take the name of the Lord thy God in vain, swear, be rude, disrespectful, use all caps, assume tone, or be a “mean girl” (all genders inclusive).


We all know how a simple interaction online can turn nasty – fast. Let’s imagine you aren’t chatting with a stranger on Bunz – you are sending a text to your boss, your mom, or your bestie. How does your tone and language change? Take the time to include the pleasantries in your texts with strangers that you would include for people you like, respect or care for. You may suddenly notice that all those people with “attitude” have disappeared! 😉 Still encounter a moody Bun? Exit the chat and don’t engage. Spend your chat time where it matters – with the next Bun waiting to trade with you.

4. Remember the trade day, to keep it timely.


Highly organized. Multi-tasker. Detail-oriented. Remember all those words you padded your CV with? Here’s where those skills truly come into play.

● Highly-organized: schedule your trades into your device calendar with details on time, location, travel time and items to bring. Set alarms for travel time and trade time. Develop a reminder system that works for you so you are ahead or on time. Pack up your trade items the night before so you’re not scrambling around trying to find things right before trading (been there, done that!). Not sure if a trade is on? Double-check with the other Bun. Keep in touch with your trades if you will be delayed. Most Buns say not hearing from the other Bun is far more stressful than waiting an extra few minutes when they know the Bun is en route.

● Multi-tasker: Arrange trades around the same place & time if you can. If one Bun cancels on you, you won’t have wasted your time. Arrange trades in at least 15 minute increments if you’re travelling by foot or subway, allow for more time by car. Use google maps to estimate travel times. Remember to add another 5–10 minutes for unavoidable delays with transit or weather. Arrived early? Let your buns know – you might be able to meet earlier and save time waiting. Multi-taskers are flexible and creative, and will try to make trades happen in a variety of times and places around their work or social schedule.

● Detail-oriented: Are you meeting on the SB or NB subway platform? Which exact street corner? Have you described your outfit, or something that makes it easy to spot you? For many buns who don’t have a face photo as their profile pic, this information is critical to avoid a missed connection. Establish these details in your chat well before your trade time. If your meeting location has spotty or non-existent wifi, you may not be able to use the app in real time and could miss your trade completely!

5. Thou shalt not ghost.


Everyone’s time is precious and valuable. Whether you’re a neurosurgeon or a professional thumb wrestler, you’ve got s**t to do. No one likes to be stood up. Keep in touch with your Buns. Apologize if you forgot a trade. Postpone a trade if you can’t make it. Cancel a trade if you change your mind. Not showing up (and yes, blocking immediately afterwards, we see you) is a pretty crummy thing to do. Save your ghosting for Tinder and keep it real on Bunz.

6. Thou shalt not commit flakery.

I like to think of flaking as “ghost-lite”. Buns that check in and out of conversations at random, repeatedly cancel trades or cancel last minute, keep other buns waiting, pending or on-hold indefinitely – these common frustrations seem to be considered overall poor #bunziquette. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, take a mini #bunzbreak. Update your profile with your absence. You’re not you when you’re flaky. Re-focus and start trading again when you can give others more attention.

7. Thou shalt not lowball / highball.

We all know our possessions depreciate with use. With a few exceptions, even new items lose value sitting in storage. Although sentimental value is priceless, not everyone will fall in love with your hot-pink-kittens-riding-unicorns pajamas that grandma lovingly knitted for you with her feet. Or maybe they will – no judgement here 😉 The point is everyone can easily check the prices of most items online and can make reasonable guesses as to what is a fair offer.

Most buns can and will negotiate, and many bulk trades I’ve had started with one or both of us adding items to “make things fair”. If you’re way low on your offer or crazy high on your ask, you can kill the convo right from the start. Research prices and start your negotiations somewhere around the middle to increase your trade quantity and quality. Really really really want the item? Offer a good fair trade right from their ISO before someone else beats you to it.

8. Thou shalt not bear false witness, bully or name-shame against thy neighbour buns.

Maybe we’ve all been there. A chat gone wrong, a “no travel” ban, a flake, a ghost, a cash request (shock and horror!), or just a bad experience that’s left you fuming. The SJW in you cries “I must warn the others!” The secret, they-who-must-not-be-named malevolent in you mutters “I’ll show them!”. Regardless of your outer or inner motivations, airing your personal grievances publicly only serves to make everyone involved look bad. There are at least two sides to every story, and yours may not be the one smelling so sweet after the court of public opinion weighs in. Learn from the dodgy experience. Be a better bun, and move on. The best revenge is bunzing well.

9. Thou shalt covet thy neighbours profile.

Question: What are the three sweetest words in any language?

Answer: “Anything in mine?”

If you really want to increase your trades, declutter your items, or find cool stuff, you need to look at profiles and ISOs. A profile is like a Florida flea market – you never know what you’ll find and sometimes the good stuff is way at the back. Some of my absolute favourite best trades are things I saw on profiles that were not on my ISO list.

(Some non-ISO fave trades, clockwise from top: original art; sake cup; vinyl album; ring dish)

● Spend 5 to 10 minutes browsing each profile – I mean actually reading descriptions and opening pictures.

● Someone liked your item? Check their profile. If they have something you like, message them with a trade offer. They made the first move by showing interest in your item, why not reciprocate?

● As Wayne Gretsky famously didn’t say “You miss 100 percent of the trades you never take!”. I send out a lot of trade offers. I don’t worry about the Buns that don’t respond or decline – they go straight to archive. I spend my chat time with the buns interested in trading.

10. Honour thy father and thy mother Bunz.

Technically this is the 5th commandment, but I saved it for the end. Bunz can be so many things to so many people – a community, a lifeline, a resource, a game changer, a declutter-er, a money saver, a fun distraction, a shopping channel, a trend alert, a social network, a casual fling, a serious commitment. For the people behind the scenes, it’s their job, but it’s also their passion. It is what we make it. It might not be all things to everyone, but for most of us, it’s pretty darn amazeballs.

Cherish these commandments, go forth, trade well, and live your best #Bunzlife.


Ana Saurus