Move BTZ, Get On The Chain

Today is a big day for Bunz and BTZ! You can now withdraw up to 500,000 BTZ from your Bunz wallet (via and move them to your Ethereum wallet! 🎉

When your BTZ are on the Bunz app, you can use them to do all kinds of fun things with local people and local shops, but if you want to convert them into the BTZ cryptocurrency (ERC20/223) you can do that by submitting a withdrawal request on

Here is the process to move BTZ from the Bunz App to your Ethereum wallet:

  1. Go to your Bunz wallet on and click on “Withdraw”. Wallet

2. Complete the information form (we require this information for compliance reasons).

KYC Information

3. Input how many BTZ you want to move from your Bunz wallet to your Ethereum wallet. Enter your Ethereum wallet address and be sure to double check it so you send your BTZ to the correct address. The minumum withdrawl amount is 5,000 BTZ and the max withdrawal amount is currently 500,000 BTZ.

Withdraw Request

4. Enter your Bunz wallet pin number and confirm the request to ‘Withdraw BTZ’ to your Ethereum wallet.

Enter Bunz Wallet PIN

5. You will see a withdraw pending in your transaction history on the Bunz app. Please note there is a review process which can take up to 72 hours to complete and you will recieve an email when the deposit has been made to your Ethereum wallet.

BTZ Withdrawal Pending

6. When the transaction is completed, you will see the status of the transaction on your Bunz wallet go from Pending to Completed — and that’s it, your transaction is processed!

BTZ Withdrawal Complete

For anyone curious, here is our token contract on etherscan:

Love you Bunz! 💕🤘

Sascha + The Bunz Team

PS. If you want to cold storage your BTZ to your Ethereum address, now you can!

Cold Storage BTZ

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