Introducing…Bunz v3.2.0

It’s the summer of Bunz and BTZ! ☀️

By now we hope you’ve been able to trade with BTZ or spend them at one of almost 100 local businesses that now accept them (like Drake General, Strange Love Coffee, Get Well Bar and Hayley Elsaesser…just to name a few!).

Haven’t had a chance to spend your BTZ yet? Well, get ready…the best is yet to come. 🔮

The latest release of the Bunz app is our favourite one yet!

You’ll be able to…

  • Sort Shop Local businesses by: Coffee, Alcohol, Service, Retail, Beauty, Food. Results are returned in order of the businesses closest to you. That means less scrolling and more getting straight to what you want.
  • Refer friends to Bunz using your username, instead of relying on us to track your referrals.
  • Link social accounts to your Bunz profile. Why? Some people want to direct people to their Instagram, Twitter or LinkedIn accounts. Everyone uses Bunz differently and we’re all for it, while also allowing new users to increase their trust right away by showing they’re a real person and not Trolly McTroll.
  • See recognized Makers with a new ‘maker badge’ that will appear on the profiles of official Bunz artists and creators, also known as Makers. We’ve also added a Maker collection you can view from the home feed.
  • Sanely navigate your notification settings. We cleaned up the menu for both Push and Email notifications.
  • See more posts you might like. This is a new weekly email that employs a smart robot (aka: algorithm) to come up with posts it thinks you might like. If you don’t want to receive this email you can unsubscribe from it in Settings > Email Notifications or directly from the bottom of the email itself. The robot won’t be offended.

Until next time…



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