I’m not crying, you’re crying: five truly heartwarming BUNZ moments

Illustration by Mimi Lin

By Briony Smith

Sure, Bunz is a great place to get rid of that brie baker or find a chic vintage couch, but Bunz has also blossomed into a squee-inducing community of caring citizens who band together to help each other on the regs. Here are some of our favourite faith-in-humanity moments from Bunz history.

1) ISO: Logo to go

Monica de Savoye’s father-in-law Gord survived open heart surgery, and she wanted to get him the perfect get-well gift in recognition of his badass fortitude: a t-shirt with the “Ford Tough” logo tweaked into “Gord Tough.” Fellow bun Lorelei Blagdon worked her Photoshop magic, allowing Monica produce the Gord Tough tee and then bless everyone with this amazing pic.

2) ISO: The mug that can’t be beat

Jamie Joong-Watts’ dad loved soup. Like, loved soup. Nicknamed The Soup Man by his coworkers, he supped broth breakfast and dinner, the delicious liquids borne aloft in his all-time favourite steel Tim Horton’s mug. Alas, it cracked — and the model was discontinued most places, leading his daughter on a near-decade-long quest for a new one. Minutes after she posted in Bunz, one bun had sourced a new one on eBay and several other buns had offered up theirs, yielding two new mugs for Jamie’s pops. A year later, Jamie added this to the post: “It is with a heavy heart that I come here to tell you that one week ago my dad died suddenly. I want to tell you how much this Christmas present meant to him. When I read him this Bunz post, and gave him the two brand new travel mugs, he welled up and began to weep. I never saw my dad cry. It meant so much to me, that I actually never found the right time to reply to this post. As I pace around my parents’ house, grief in my bones, the night before the funeral, I want to tell you all that my brother-in-law will be telling the story of the Bunz travel mug at the service tomorrow. He’ll be reading the story and ISO I wrote up here and all your wonderful responses that lead to his arsenal of commute-soup-thermoses. Thank you for being a part of one of the most meaningful memories I have with my dad. In Chinese culture, it’s more natural to tell someone you love them through actions and wishes for good fortune to come. This gesture meant that much to him. I think I was able to relay how much he means to me. How much I love him, not just as a dad but as a person. I’m going to miss him so much.”

3) ISO: Birthday surprise

Madison Wood’s boyfriend has a food boo, too: pizza. “He can talk for days about the sauce to dough ratios and consistencies and placements of toppings,” Madison wrote. For his birthday, she wanted to give him the ultimate ‘za experience: making his own pie in a legit pizza place: “Teach him how to throw the dough and use the massive spatula to get his pizza out of the oven!” Pizza Libretto stepped in to make his gooey cheese dreams come true. Another classic Bunz coup was Jenna Nicole’s surprise pug birthday party for her boyfriend, who got to cuddle three beautiful canines, including local celepuppy Mr. Cornelius.

4) ISO: Sharon, Lois and Bram

Kids musicians Sharon, Lois and Bram are a treasured part of many of our childhoods, but for one bun’s brother, the trio were cherished lifelong friends. Kelly’s developmentally delayed 35-year-old bro adored The Elephant Show, so she was determined to hunt every episode down to burn onto DVDs, ensuring the perfect present for many Christmases and birthdays to come. A bun was able to connect her with Sharon herself — allowing Kelly to eventually get her hands on a full set of episodes, burned right from the master tapes. The epic year-long journey culminated in one of the biggest smiles in the history of Bunz smiles.

5) ISO: grandkids

Bunz has inspired many zany ISO posts, from hairless cat cuddles to human teeth. Margaret Nipshaven took to Bunz Helping Zone to find something that had been missing in her life: grandchildren. “I know it sounds strange, but I don’t have any relatives in Canada & nothing would make me more happy than a Bunz to ‘adopt’ me!” she posted. “I’m close to 60, relatively healthy (I have Asthma but it’s not a big issue), positive, jovial, good around pets & have a ‘love and be loved’ attitude. Anyone? Lots of love, wisdom to give in my ‘older’ years! Tia!” Nipshaven was flooded with offers from buns all over the city excited to add an honorary grandma to their life, whether it was someone to craft with and dispense wisdom or attend their dog wedding (!), or to just have a more accepting, LGBTQ-friendly elder in their life. It’s true: you can find everything on Bunz.

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