How do I start Bunz in my city?

A guide on kickstarting Bunz where you live 🏁

Bunz tends to be synonymous with Toronto…but actually, we’re global! Helping Bunz find its’ footing in your city might take a little work, but it will pay off! Below are a few tips to start a thriving Bunz community wherever you are. It starts with you signing up at, or getting the app for iOS or Android.

A post a day 🍎… sets a great example!

The best thing you can do to start a new Bunz community is make sure there is something new on Bunz every day. This way people are more likely to keep coming back to see what’s been posted. At the same time, people are more likely to post items themselves, following your example!

Getting started ✅

On Day 1, try making 5–10 posts to populate the feed in your city. After that, try posting 1–2 times a day over the course of a few weeks to keep the momentum going.

Actual footage of your momentum once you post on Bunz 💯

Share your posts on social media 👀

Next, you’ll want people to see the posts you’re making on Bunz. The easiest way to do this is by sharing your posts to wherever you are most active on the web. Facebook is a great place to start.

Consider sharing your posts on your wall, your friends’ walls and into groups that you’re a part of, and tell people about the greatness that is the growing Bunz community in your city.

You can also share posts on Twitter, Instagram, via email or text message (if you’re using the Bunz mobile apps on Android or iOS).

If your friends need more convincing, send them a link from our press page!

Get social 🗣

Last but not least, engage with Bunz on our socials! You’ll always receive a response…and it’s a great way to get linked in the the Bunziverse! 🙂

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