It’s been one month since we introduced BTZ on Bunz and we are excited to share the results with you on how it’s going! 🙌 🎉

For those of you who may have missed it — BTZ are a digital currency that you can earn and use on or the Bunz App. We are working towards bringing BTZ on-chain and transitioning it into a crypto currency.

🤔 So, how were the first 30 days in market…and what have we learned?

~20,000,000 BTZ have been earned by people on the Bunz App. These have been earned by inviting friends, wallet activations and creating a popular posts. We are working on more ways for Bunz users to earn BTZ in the coming months — like a bounty for completing trades and much more. The more BTZ in circulation the better, but 20 million in users hands is an amazing start. We love hearing your suggestions on how to utilize BTZ to better our community, so feel free to reach out with your ideas!

15,000 Wallets opened. When you open a wallet on Bunz you immediately receive 1,000 BTZ. We have seen over 15,000 wallets claimed since launching — that’s an amazing start! If you haven’t activated your wallet — get started here and claim your BTZ.

Shortly, we will also be introducing balance privacy settings , as seen below. This ensures your BTZ balance isn’t exposed to people looking over your shoulder when you go to pay for something in shops that accept BTZ. You will be able to turn balance privacy off and on in settings, this will be available in the next release in the coming week or two.

90,000 transactions using BTZ! In the last 30 days people have transacted with BTZ over 90,000 times. Transaction velocity is important to Bunz as it means the coin is usable — something we are very focused on. We are working on more ways for you to pay in our shop locations, so stay tuned as we are going to make it even easier to pay with BTZ in the coming months. Remember, you can send BTZ two ways — through a chat or by scanning another persons QR code.

4,000,000 BTZ have been transferred peer-to-peer on Bunz! This is super important as it means that BTZ aren’t just being used at shops — they are being used as a medium of exchange between Bunz in the community! If you dont have tall cans or subway tokens, BTZ are a great way to trade.

2,000,000 BTZ have been earned for referring friends. 👫 Bunz was built on the principal of ‘everyone was invited by someone’ when it was first established on Facebook — and now, BTZ are being used to reward you and your friends with 500 BTZ each when you invite them to the Bunz App. We are working on new ways to invite friends that will be rolled out with other exciting and new social functions we have been working on integrating into the Bunz app.

30 Merchants are available today on the app. 🛍 We have another 120 that are coming online in Toronto and are working with a number of shops in Vancouver, Calgary, Ottawa, Montreal and select US cities. Here is a great fact for shop owners, did you know that 92% of stores have received new traffic because they accept BTZ? We are so proud to have brought new business to our amazing partner shops and are working to make it even easier to pay with BTZ in the future. We hear you non-Torontonian Bunz, you want Shop Local in your city! Email us suggestions of places in your community that you’d like to redeem or share this post with your friends who own a business. Our mission is to make BTZ the most usable cryptocurrency in the world — spread the word and we will do the hard work to ensure you can spend BTZ at the places you love. 🌎

Also, shop local will be coming to web… another way to connect with great stores in your city and shop from them using BTZ you earned on Bunz!

1,000,000 BTZ spent at Merchants. 🛒 From coffee at Strange Love to Fish and Chips at Hooky’s — people have been earning and spending BTZ at local stores they love! We are in regular communication with our shops and are working towards making the transaction experience even easier for all. The team at Bunz is working on a merchant companion app to make the transaction experience for our shops even easier — Check it out 👇

The baseline usage of Bunz went up across the board. Monthly Active Users went up, Daily sign ups are up 300%, post creation is up 20%. These numbers matter becasue it means the community is growing and the ways in which we interact with eachother locally is increasing. Bunz HQ is focused on connecting people locally and buidling the worlds most usable cryptocurrency to support those connections. Without all you amazing Bunz in the community none of this would be possible — so thank you for making change with us!

Whats next for Bunz and BTZ? We have so many things that we are excited to share with the community! We are building a research program that will be launching next month, have product enhancements coming to the Bunz App and have been working on our forked etherum blockchain (named Queen + Spadina) to move towards taking BTZ on-chain.

Also, some of the Bunz team is in NYC at Consensus in the Canadian pavilion, organized by our friends at the Blockchain Research Institute, come say hi if you are in in NYC!

Thank you for taking this journey with us so far — we love you Bunz! Lots ahead for Bunz and BTZ in 2018, so stay tuned! And remember… Good things come to those who trade.


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