BTZ by Bunz: The easy intro to cryptocurrency you’ve been waiting for

WTF are BTZ?

BTZ are a brand new, easy-to-use digital currency, designed and built from the ground up by Bunz. In fact, you can already redeem your BTZ for coffee and beer at many of our favourite coffee shops and breweries around Toronto. Just download or update your Bunz app, claim your 1000 BTZ, and find the nearest business accepting BTZ under the new section titled ’Shop Local’.

Where are my BTZ?

To start, you’ll find 1000 BTZ (enough for about three coffees) in your wallet, located in the Bunz app. To earn more BTZ, just post an item or invite some friends to Bunz. If you don’t already have a Bunz account you’ll still receive 1000 BTZ when you sign up and create an account.

What’s happening to Bunz?

Below, we’ve answered some questions you may have. If there’s anything we’ve missed please reach out to us at [email protected] and we’ll add it to the list.

Isn’t Bunz a place where people trade?

Yes. Bunz is — and will always be — a place where people trade items and services. As Bunz evolves we want to make sure we remain true to our core values of 1) building stronger communities and 2) making city living easier. BTZ will help us achieve both and opens up a world of opportunities for Bunz in the future.

How will BTZ affect my trades?

We think that BTZ will allow people to trade more often by providing a commonly accepted currency to fall back on when a true trade just isn’t in the mix, similar to how we use gift cards, tokens and tall cans today — all of which are commonly accepted alternative currencies on Bunz — but none of which are without flaws. With BTZ:

  • You can send and receive BTZ with anyone on the Bunz app
  • BTZ allow for flexibility when trading
  • BTZ are secure
  • BTZ are made by Bunz and using them strengthens the Bunz community
  • You can redeem your BTZ for products and services from popular local shops!

What else can I do with BTZ?

As mentioned above, you can use BTZ when making offers on Bunz for items where you may have offered tokens or gift cards in the past. You can also redeem your BTZ at a handful of our favourite cafes, breweries and retailers in Toronto. This is really exciting for us and we’re working hard to onboard more businesses so that we can redeem our BTZ for everything from jeans to eggs.

What’s next?

Watching Bunz evolve is something we value dearly, and as technology changes the way we build communities and organize ourselves — online and off — Bunz’s move into the cryptocurrency space should be seen as an exciting adventure into a future that is not yet completely known, but one we’ll help create and mold into a more friendly and sustainable world.


The Bunz Team

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