Do They Know It’s Chrismukkah?

by Joshua Ostroff Seth Cohen may have named Chrismukkah during The O.C.’s first season back in 2003, but the half-Jewish high-school hipster’s made-up super-holiday — “eight days of presents, followed by one day of many presents!” — was already a tradition in my family. Now I did marry a lapsed Catholic and we made ourselves a tiny half-Jew — albeit one who prefers “Despacito” to Death […]

A Self-Loving Jew Christmas

Editor’s note: A month ago, we reached out to the Bunz community with a simple question: what do you celebrate over the holiday season and why? Over the next two weeks we’ll be sharing some of their answers. First up, ‘A Self Loving Jew Christmas’ by cartoonist and graphic designer (and of course, self loving […]