The Road Ahead with BTZ

Since launching BTZ we’ve had a lot of feedback and questions. To recap, BTZ are an easy-to-use digital currency, designed and built from the ground up by Bunz. You can send, receive and trade them with anyone on Bunz, and redeem them for coffee, beer, and more of our favourite products and services at coffee shops, […]

The Wes Anderson Collection

Earlier last year, BUNZ and I teamed up to bring you something slightly different from my previous lookbooks. More ambitions than ever, we brought on board a ragtag team from the BUNZ office , as well as my partner, Phil, who (not so enthusiastically) agreed to pose in front of a camera. The Wes Anderson Collection […]

Feminism is for Everyone

“Perfectionism in feminism simply does not exist…” Illustration by Laura Kay Keeling I am no expert when it comes to talking about feminism. The mere thought of having to write this article sent me on a knowledge bender. I spent days refreshing myself on what the feminist movement aims to achieve in order to weed out any […]

Love in the Time of Bunz

The time has come again — It’s Valentine’s Day! For me, it’s an excuse to buy enough chocolate for two (except it’s just for me) and to listen to Avril Lavigne’s ‘Complicated’ on a loop while I drunkenly cry in my bathtub. But why dwell on the bad when you can read about other people’s love lives […]

Why I celebrate Christmas

by Kristen Hutchison “Silent night, holy night, all is calm all is bright.” If you’re like me, you can sing this with your eyes closed. You probably started singing it in a gymnasium, to an audience packed as tight as sardines. I grew up Catholic; I knew the story of the baby Jesus, and the exact time […]

Do They Know It’s Chrismukkah?

by Joshua Ostroff Seth Cohen may have named Chrismukkah during The O.C.’s first season back in 2003, but the half-Jewish high-school hipster’s made-up super-holiday — “eight days of presents, followed by one day of many presents!” — was already a tradition in my family. Now I did marry a lapsed Catholic and we made ourselves a tiny half-Jew — albeit one who prefers “Despacito” to Death […]

A Self-Loving Jew Christmas

Editor’s note: A month ago, we reached out to the Bunz community with a simple question: what do you celebrate over the holiday season and why? Over the next two weeks we’ll be sharing some of their answers. First up, ‘A Self Loving Jew Christmas’ by cartoonist and graphic designer (and of course, self loving […]