The Bunz Flea Holiday Gift Guide

The Bunz Flea is unique market of local vendors who accept both cash and trade. This means you can browse the vendor’s ISO lists before hand, see if you have any of the items they’re trading for and walk out of the Flea with everything on your gifting list. To help you get a head […]

Taylee Saves Christmas…Week 2!

It’s our second week check in with Taylee…our Bun friend attempting to pull off an all Bunz, $0 Christmas. Let’s see how it’s going… This week she was able to cross two things off her Christmas list! One week down…four to go. Do you have anything on her list? Go check her out on the app […]

Gifts at 100% off retail price?

Gifting Season is upon us…. as are the pressures of holiday spending! Did you know that the average Canadian spends $1.68 for every dollar they make? Consumer debt is the worst, so is the mall and so are the thoughtless gifts your best friend’s brother’s girlfriend’s uncle bought you (a Keg gift certificate?! For a […]

Taylee Saves Christmas!

Meet Taylee. Taylee is a dancer, designer, foodie, unicorn hair haver…and most importantly, a fellow Bun who is always on the hunt for a good trade. Taylee is a self described recovering shopaholic and uses trading for items on Bunz as her rehab Last month, Taylee tweeted something that caught our eye: We know this […]

The 10 Commandments of Bunz

The #bunziverse can be a wonderful, magical, yet tricky place to navigate. Seasoned traders have been mapping their journeys with steady dedication for years, while new traders float in daily with anxious enthusiasm. When I joined Bunz a year ago I set a personal challenge to complete 365 trades in 365 days and it was […]

How do I start Bunz in my city?

A guide on kickstarting Bunz where you live 🏁 Bunz tends to be synonymous with Toronto…but actually, we’re global! Helping Bunz find its’ footing in your city might take a little work, but it will pay off! Below are a few tips to start a thriving Bunz community wherever you are. It starts with you […]

Altruism in an app

An online community of people in Toronto are mobilizing to provide for those in need, using the online trading app, ‘Bunz’ There’s a raw, brutalist element to the streets of Toronto and in winter it gets cold. Really cold. Throughout the Downtown area thick, grey concrete reaches for the sky; concrete built to withstand these frigid […]