Fall Staycation Lookbook

Our picturesque home for two nights Wanting to give a proper farewell to this rather cold and rainy summer, my partner, Phil, and I decided to have a staycation in Prince Edward County. When I noticed the Silver Glamper trending on Bunz, I knew we couldn’t pass on this amazing opportunity to get away from the […]

Bunz Love

Dearest Bunz, We know that one of the things that makes Bunz so special is that it takes us out from behind our cozy computer screens and into the real world to make in person connections. Bunz is more than about just trading, it’s about our amazing, diverse and quirky family that we’ve built. Friendships […]

Fall Care for Your Green Oasis

The air is getting nippy, and now you’re wondering what will happen to your luscious green patio/balcony garden with winter on its way. Here’s a starter guide for what you can do this fall to extend the bliss of your garden and prepare for the cold weather. Here’s my “organized mess” container garden: I’ve got […]

Back to Bunz Basics

As the story goes: 4 years ago, Emily had a vision borne of a shared spaghetti dinner, for what trading could mean for the lives of her peers. Her efforts gave rise to what is now known as The Bunz Trading Zone, and the Bunz Universe (or, Bunziverse, if you will) was born. Eighteen months […]