Bunz Podcast…Network?!

We’re excited to introduce the Bunz Podcast Network — living at podcast.bunz.com. This is a guest post from our head producer, Kohji Nagata. “What?! Bunz has a podcast?” It’s almost a year later, and that’s still a sentiment echoed by a lot of Bunz when I talk about ISO: The Bunz Podcast.  I’ve finally come up with a […]

Bunz Week! ☻

(photo: Mitch Brown) BUNZ WEEK has come and gone but the memories will live forever…or at least for another week or so depending on how much you partied 🎉 We had an awesome week at the Garrison thanks to the community and the good folks at Canadian Music Week. Now we are lying back drinking […]

Bunz.com updates for April

Hello again from the Bunz web + qa teams, we’re rolling out new features today across bunz.com to all users after some rigorous testing and making sure it’s stable to roll out everywhere. Delete and delist posts Now you can delete posts on Bunz. We know it’s been missing for a while and we thank you […]

Verified Profiles

Like any growing community Bunz has had it’s fair share of growing pains. Today we are introducing Verified Profiles in an effort to maintain the trust on Bunz that has been foundational in getting us to where we are today. A verified profile will display a badge that indicates the method of verification you’ve used. […]

Spring Cleaning, the Bunz way :)

Bunz is so many things to so many people. For some, it’s a place to find a job or a home, but to others it remains their #1 way to offload unused items in their life. On average, over a thousand items change hands every day on Bunz when the community (that’s you!) meets to […]

Bunz App Updates — April 2017

Hello from the Bunz team, we’ve been hard at work on our iOS app to introduce new home feed UI. Our iOS developer Matthias crushed it and now we’re even more excited for you to see what we’re working on next. Here’s what’s new on the Bunz App: New Home Feed UI On the iOS app […]

3 Things I Learned From the Pillow Fight

The city can be an alienating place. We wear our headphones and go on with our day without talking to anyone along the way. That’s why companies like Bunz and Newmindspace came to be. We aim to break down urban barriers and create a network of city neighbors. Started out in Toronto, Bunz is now […]