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Sell more with BTZ.

Join over 200 local businesses accepting BTZ as a payment option for their customers, and see what the excitement is all about.

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Reach more customers

More people will discover your business through Bunz as we promote your cafe, pub, shop or service to the Bunz community.


Increase your sales

People on Bunz will easily find your business. In the last 120 days we’ve cashed out over $200,000 worth of sales for our merchants.

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Transact in a flash

Taking payments with BTZ is fast and easy. No waiting. No fees.

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30% of our sales now happen with BTZ

Strange Love Coffee

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Setup is easy.

Once confirmed, a member of our team will have your business up on Bunz and ready to accept BTZ within minutes. Get in touch with us using the form, and we’ll be happy to share all the information you will need to get started.

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Welcome to Bunz
Trade and shop local with people in your city. Find things you love like clothing, furniture, art and more.